WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #16


  • Montreal, Canada dark synth/synthwave/minimal synth solo project NO “Destination” on TONN Recordings                                                                                                                                                                          

For the weekly TONN Recordings‘ quarantine tune, Montreal-based ‘nihilist’ gifts us a minimal, hypnotic and propulsive dark synth jam, riped with bouncing and infectious bassline, undulating tight metallic synth sequence, and lashing snare hits, haunted by Ian Curtis-alike forsaken vocalizations, that does not allow for passive and distractive listening in this narcotic dystopic days.

  • Brooklyn, NY Post-Punk/New Wave/Synthpop 3-piece NATION OF LANGUAGE “Friend Machine” off of forthcoming album “Introduction, Presence” out May 2020

With the Brooklyn-based trio’s debut album postponed until May for obvious reasons, we comfort ourselves with yet another single, the fifth, a dramatic, synth-laden new wave foray bouncing and buzzing its way, laced with moody intensity and swirling dangerous allure, through thumping snares and startling dazzling numan-esque synth riffs, amid ominously deep throbbing bassline, sending angsty emotional croons falling in disharmony between fear and regret.

  • Bologna, Italy shoegaze/new wave/post-punk solo project of Leonardo Cannatella, LEVA “Incapace” from the new Covid charity EP “Mura Domestiche” on Foglie&Dischi Records

Although with clear leanings to a bygone period, the founder, frontman and guitarist of BeStrass delivers a well-crafted and poignant 5-tracker, replete with a brooding, atmospheric and urgent post-punk, made of shadowy and haunting crescendos of sinuously pulsing gloomy bassline woven with reverb-drenched searing guitar melodies, shimmering and bleeding around forlorn vocals laced with disturbing emotions, exuding romantic and nostalgic scents of ’80s Italian new wave.

  • Spanish experimental/industrial/minimal electronics project of R.P. Bonser and Santi Plagio, aka Tronald Dump “The Secret Garden” on Contubernio Records
  • Berlin-based, Catalan producer experimental/post-punk/wave/electronic producer Galera – “Cuadro Fusion” from “ANSWVR” EP on Subterranea Label
  • Italian doom Jazz project from Rome, Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte – “Heavy Clouds Like The Skyline Of Your Heart” from V/A “Quarantine Doom Jazz” on Signora Ward Records
  • Asheville, North Carolina electronic/darkwave/synthwave side-project of Secret Shame, XOR “Becoming”                                                                                                                                                  
  • Cincinnati, Ohio darkwave/post-punk solo project of Avery Stanken, aka SMILEGROUP “A Last Chance”
  • Ufa, Russia coldwave/postpunk/synthpop duo Vorsicht Vorsicht “Последняя весна / Last Spring” from the album “Крест Времени / The Cross Of Time” on Discosomething Records
  • New York based minimal wave/synth project by Sean McBride, MARTIAL CANTEREL “Larktro” off of V/A “Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 4” Kraftjerkz’s compilation series EP vinyl 12″
  • Brooklyn, NY based ambient minimal synth electronic duo consisting of Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride aka Xeno & Oaklander “Blue Flower Live in New York” Live at Sultan Room July 6, 2019
  • Paris/Berlin minimal synthwave French duo of Coco Gallo & Stephane Argillet Stereovoid, Peine Perdue -“Venez”                                                                                                              
  • Danish minimal electro/synth electronic solo project from Copenhagen, DELAYSCAPE “Gracewalker” (Unreleased)                                                                                     
  • Russian dark synth electronic duo from Saint-Petersburg, Sobranie 8 18 “Borders” upcoming single.               
  • Legendary early 80s British synthpop/new romantic band made of Mac Austin, Harry Davies and John Davies, along with new member Swedish artist and producer Johan Baeckström (Daily Planet etc.), WHITE DOOR “The Great Awakening” title track from sophomore LP “The Great Awakening” on Progress Productions
  • California‘s synthpop act No One Lives On Henley “Flashing Lights” new single
  • Mexican new wave/synthpop trio MOONS.S “Signals” from the debut EP “New Era” on We are one Records
  • US dreamwave /synthwave /synthpop musician from Miami, Trevor Something “False Reality” from the new album “Microwaves”
  • French minimal wave/synth electronic/EBM duo from Brest consisting of Gaël Loison (also in Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones, Noroeste, TF, Moregeometrico) and Cyril Pansal (HF90 and PanMe), MAMAN KÜSTERS “Liebe Hat Keine Preis (Years Of Denial remix)” from the new studio album, “L’extase et la terreur” out now via Unknown Pleasures Records.
  • Athens-based Turkish Goth-Wave/ Post Punk duo from Bursa, She Past Away – “Ritüel (The Soft Moon Remix)” from the upcoming SPA’s 10th Anniversary remix album “X” on Fabrika Records and Metropolis
  • Chicago, IL synthwave/darkwave/post-punk solo project of Jack Armondo, PANIC PRIEST “Lonely City” from the upcoming album “Second Seduction” on Negative Gain Productions
  • Marseille, France dark electronics /industrial /techno /synth-punk producer Loïc D’almeida Bodjollé, aka Cardinal & Nun “Empoisonné (Version 2)” from the LIES-132 EP                   
  • Italian industrial/techno/EBM/coldwave/dark electro production duo Sharplines + Velvet May, aka Cold White Skin “Vibrant Lights” from “Broken + Wings” cassette compilation on Dead By Overdose
  • Chicago‘s experimental dark synth act CIVIC CENTER “Locusts & Honey” from cassette album “Namesake” on Chicago Research
  • US darkwave solo project of Chicagoan Patrick Holbrook, aka WELL YELLS “Kill The King” from the Well Yells album “We Mirror the Dead”
  • Brazilian post-punk/darkwave duo from São Paulo, Wonder Dark “Caos”
  • French ethereal wave /coldwave /synthwave duo from Paris, Saigon Blue Rain “Still You” from the upcoming Song For The Boys” new single
  • Lisbon‘s electronic darkwave project of Portuguese musician Pedro Code (The Dream Collision and Rainy Days Factory), IAMTHESHADOW “Awake & Asleep (Feat. Diego Merletto from The Frozen Autumn)” off of the upcoming LP “Pitchblack” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Colombian coldwave/darkwave duo from Bogotá, S ∆ D K Ó – “Madrugada” from the new album “Transiberiano (Транссибирский)” on Tres incendios temporales
  • Brooklyn-based, Budapest-born post-punk/dark electronic producer Zoltán Sindhu, aka Traumatológia “Too Much To Do” from “Parallels” EP
  • Peruvian lo-fi/EBM/industrial/dark synth/coldwave/darkwave duo TRIUMVIRS “Venusian Canvas” from 2-tracker “Singles Vol. 1” on Tres Incendios Temporales
  • Brooklyn, NY darkwave/post-punk/coldwave solo project of Jeff Harrell, SHADOW FIGURE “Just To See” from 3-track demo
  • Melbourne, Australia gothic rock/post-punk 4-piece Pigs of the Roman Empire “Process” from the upcoming “Seasick” EP
  • Brussels, Belgium romantic post-punk band Factheory – “Tranquille” new single
  • London, UK coldwave/darkwave project lead by James Burgess, STATIC PALM “A Serpent Shed’s It’s Skin” off of new single “Spring Solstice”
  • Portland-based post-punk band SOFT KILL “Premium Drifter (Demo)” from the collection of demos “Premium Drifter” LP
  • French coldwave/darkwave solo project from Liverdun, Cold Grey Rain “96 Angels”   
  • Brussels, Belgium new wave/post-punk band (with two former members of 80s new wave band Amazing Games), Unsaid – “Golden Cage” from “Live at the Music Box” on UnsaidMusic
  • Russian shoegaze /post-punk band VRAZEK ‘Весна/Spring’ from the new EP “Дистанция/Distance”
  • Mexican post-punk/synth-pop project of Edwin Hernandez aka SheUsedToBeHuman “Plastic Mind” new single
  • Sonoma, Ca darkwave/new wave/synthpop solo project THE DISSONANT “End The Pain” from “Demo II”
  • Athens, Georgia post-punk/goth pop band VISION VIDEO “In My Side” 7″ Single off the upcoming debut LP
  • California‘s coldwave/darkwave/post-punk solo project ACCUMORTIS “There Is Nothing” new single
  • Dortmund, German minimal/synthwave/dark electro DIY solo project Age O.P.F “Strange Lover” from “5 1/4” EP
  • Swedish/French EBM/synthpop/futurepop project of V.V. Arkames of Ad Inferna and Fredrik Sigeback of Erotic Elk, MY LOVE KILLS “La Voisin” from the LP “Imitatio Dei”
  • New international post-industrial collective (feat. Chris Connelly, Martin Bowes and many more), NUKES “Death Sky” debut single on No Devotion Records
  • French electro/coldwave/darkwave solo project from Bordeaux, .- (eaux saines) – ‘Lichtlos’ – from V/A “Quarantaine FM vol.3” on permafrost
  • Olympia, Wa post-punk/coldwave project from IF WE ALL DIE “Nostos” from 2-track “Lost Soul Demos”
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico goth/coldwave/darkwave one-man-band THE ENDLESS “Lost within this madness”
  • Athens, GA deathrock/post-punk project Tears for ʇhe Dying “Lost Girls” from “Memories” EP
  • East-Los Angeles 2-piece Post-Punk band, Freedom Curse “Winter” new single from the upcoming debut album
  • Sydney, Australia darkwave/synthpop/synthwave two-piece L.A SUFFOCATED “Hemlock” from the debut album “Dust, Fungus and Blasphemous Thoughts”
  • French Post-Punk band from Montpellier, UNSPKBLE “Friction” from the debut “Irreversible” EP
  • Barcelona based revisited-post-punk 4-piece lead by Chilean bassist/vocalist Carlos Vergara, Low Blows “Cruel” title track from the new LP “Cruel”
  • Chicago based noise/post-punk quartet STUCK “Plank II” from the new album “Change Is Bad” via Born Yesterday Records
  • Berlin-based punk/post-punk band (members from Benzin), LIIEK “Crisis” from S/T album on ADAGIO830
  • French dark electronic/industrial/post-punk trio from Castres, HYSTERIE “Zone” from upcoming cassette EP “Deuil” on AREA Z                                                                                    
  • Manchester, UK post-punk quartet of surviving members of The Fall, IMPERIAL WAX “Bromidic Thrills” new single ”Bromidic Thrills’ b/w ‘Bloom & Wither” on Saustex Records
  • Melbourne, Australia new wave/post-punk 4-piece Primo! “Diamond Day” from the sophomore album “Sogni” on Anti Fade and Upset The Rhythm
  • California post-punk band from Oakland, THOUGHT LEADERS “Radiator” off split 7″ single with The Tunnel
  • French experimental/post-punk/coldwave project of Yannick Rault (Triple Sun), Closed Mouth “Venus In Furs” (Velvet Underground Cover)                                                                            
  • Brooklyn, NY DIY disco-funk/no-wave/post-punk 4-piece (featuring WALL and local pop band Beverly), PUBLIC PRACTICE “My Head” off of upcoming debut vinyl LP “Gentle Grip” via Wharf Cat Records
  • French coldwave /post-punk outfit from Amiens/Paris, STRUCTURES – “Sorry, I Know It’s Late But…” from the upcoming debut album “How Does It Feel ?”                                       
  • Sunderland, UK art-punk/post-punk 4-piece ROXY GIRLS “Dirtier” from the upcoming debut album “A Wealth of Information” on Moshi Moshi.
  • Hamburg, Germany ambient/post-rock/post-punk project of singer/songwriter ELKKS “Blibb” new single on LA DOUBLE VIE
  • Brazilian post-punk quartet from São Paulo, Inês é Morta ”Banalidade do anonimato” from the upcoming S/T EP’s compilation album on InClub Records
  • Northern Virginia‘s gothic rock project of Brandon Pybus, SONSOMBRE “Slow Kill (Fields of the Nephilim Cover)” from V/A “Blood & Dust: A Gothic Western” on Venus Aeon 
  • Miami, Florida new wave /post-punk /darkwave solo project Astari Nite “Capulet Loves Montague” from the upcoming album “Here Lies” on Negative Gain Productions
  • Dallas, TX post-punk band fronted by Leah Lane, Rosegarden Funeral Party – ‘Tortured Decline’ new single
  • Melbourne, Australia veteran neo-psychedelic/goth/darkwave/dream-pop project of Sean Bowley, EDEN “East of the Stars” title track from the new 30th-anniversary album
  • Toronto, Canada ambient/Celtic/ethereal folk artist Heather Dale “Source of the Sea” part of Heather’s new Incantations series.


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