WL//WH Video Premiere: VOID FILL “Insult Yourself”

Video Premiere Void Fill

Void Fill is a trans-Atlantic post-punk trio comprised of English vocalist Pete F. Davies (West Yorkshire) with Canadians guitarist Ken Holiday and producer/bassist Jakob Rehlinger (both from Ontario). They released a 12” single, ‘Clickbait/Petrichor’, on Lance Rock Records in late 2018, which featured their signature blend of ranting vocals and angular guitar lines over dubby house rhythms.

The brand new sophomore ‘EP #2’ adds the additional influence from the second summer of love with acid house and Madchester textures to this mix. Davies is best known as the lead vocalist with U.K. post-punk band Gad Whip. Holiday and Rehlinger previously played together in Toronto dance-punk band The Clap in the mid-2000s before splitting off to form the indie-rock bands Everything Is Geometry and Moonwood respectively.

Propelled by thudding bass heavy-infused trundling funky rhythms, scattered in deep acid house pulses with bongo grooves, amid loud, piercing and screeching distorted guitar chords relentless abrasion, filling the void of eternal sonic space effects as subdued tempered thought-provoking male vocals echo taunting replies to a voyeuristic Orwellian society.

In the accompanying video, WL//WH is pleased to premiere, awkward camera angles skew size and location, alternating between a white rabbit mic’d on the green and black cat guitar swings over a snow-covered lawn, meeting in a mind-altering reality made of mirrors, shadow boxes, and a memorable self-deprecating refrain.

“Insult Yourself” wearing rubber masks while dope dancing to a drop-down digging bassline injected with a fatal flow of nihilistic lyrics.

Void Fill’s sophomore 6-track ‘EP #2’ is due to be released on March 27, 2020.

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