WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #11  

Irma Vep (Olivier Assayas, 1996)


  • Mexican Minimal Synth / Minimal Wave / Cold Wave project of Angel Ackermann, STOCKHAUSSEN “Feel your body” ϟ▲ new single from the upcoming album.

Mexican minimal synth mastermind preview another track from his upcoming album with a hazily sinister instrumental cut that shakes and grips, seduces and shivers, drawing you deep into beguiling, winding obscure synth melodies and brazenly dynamic danceable rhythms, perfectly embodying the heartfelt energy and jagged immediacy from the pioneers of the past.

  • Houston, TX darkwave/synthwave duo of Manuel Lozano & Sky Lesco, Tearful Moon “Bar In Barcelona” first single off the upcoming album, “Under the Red Veil”, soon to be released on both vinyl and CD via Young & Cold Records
Houston‘s darkwave duo captivate right away with radiating sinister synth swells expand through the rhythmic bass undertow, lined in wicked dance beats and signature bewitching vocal allure, building toxic moody atmospherics lost in lusty confession. 
  • Ukrainian post-punk / coldwave outfit from Kyiv, ICY MEN “Тусклый свет (Low light)” title track from the forthcoming sophomore album due out April 3, 2020 on Cold Transmission Music

Ukrainian duet keep on approaching to their second LP with their unmistakable refined and murky atmospheric alchemy of dead-eyed coldwave and morose post-punk, pervaded by a gripping and cloaking brood, at the same time unsettlingly romantic and achingly melancholic, whilst forlorn, mysterious vocals embed a foreboding gothic tension.

  • UK retro/soundtrack/sci-fi/VHS/electronic producer Sean Dorris (aka S>>D), aka The GulfFire “Balance of Power” from “Mission Tapes Vol. I” on Fonolith
  • Darkwave/EBM/Synthwave female solo project from Turkey, BEWITCHED AS DARK “NoThing Is Real” from the upcoming new album due out on March                                                                                                                              
  • Seattle, WA minimal synthwave/darkwave one-woman project Portable Morla “cold of winter (dubin hood mix)”                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Nashville-based synthpop/darkwave/minimal synth producer Jordan Lieb, aka Black Light Smoke “Shadows #13” off the new EP “Lines and Shadows” on his own Death Decay Magic
  • French dark electronics/industrial project of Marie Lando, aka GRABYOURFACE “Summer on Saturn (Haunted Remix by Caustic)” from the remix album “Summer on Saturn Remixes”
  • Canadian coldwave/synthpop/minimal synth duo from Montréal, Police Des Moeurs “Vitesse immobile” from the upcoming 4th album “PÉRIL” on Mannequin Records
  • London, UK-based EBM/synthwave/synth-pop/coldwave project of Dominique Cologne (previously of duo Sato Sato), VOGUE.NOIR “Resolution” new 7″ single on TONN Recordings
  • Dutch/Croatian electronic/minimal synth/synthpop/post-punk/electro/dark wave duo of Ingmar Pauli (Novamen, Sumerian Fleet, The Martians) and Saša Rajković (aka Zarkoff and part of Lab Personnel, Sumerian Fleet), aka NeuGrau – “Beneath the skin” title track from the upcoming new cassette EP via She Lost Kontrol
  • Croatian synth electronic musician (previously Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II, Split Personalities) from Zagreb, Iv/An “Fiction” (Joni Mitchell cover)                                                                                                                         
  • Oakland, Ca dark electronic/psychedelic/post-punk/coldwave trio (formerly VANIISH), Houses of Heaven ‘Sleep’ from the upcoming album “Silent Places” on Felte
  • Greek coldwave/synthwave/minimal synth duo Kriistal Ann / Toxic Razor aka PARADOX OBSCUR “Réflexe” from the new album “SYNΘESIS” on Young & Cold Records
  • Norwegian coldwave/post-punk project of Karl Morten Dahl from Trondheim, featuring UK-based Paris Alexander and Eirene, ANTIPOLE – ‘Decade Apart ACTORS REMIX (Ft Paris Alexander | Eirene)’ from upcoming remix album ‘Perspectives II’ on Young & Cold Records
  • Thessaloniki, Greece analogue electronic solo project of Nick K. Maldoror (a.k.a. Nick Kapantzakis, one half of Human Puppets & Dislocation Genders, also a member of Plexiglas), aka CONVEX MODEL “Illusions Made of Solid Ice” from upcoming album “Quantity of Motion”
  • Dresden-born, Berlin-based post-punk/dark synth electro-wave artist Jennifer Touch “Attic” from the long-awaited upcoming debut album ‘Behind the Wall’ via FatCat Records
  • Mexican electronic/synthpop project from Puebla, SUNDATA “Falling To The Ground” from the new EP “New Morning”
  • Swedish dark synth/synthpop solo project of Brotherhood‘s singer Micke Lönngren, Lønnkrog “Rum” from the vinyl album “Såret mellan natt och dag”
  • Minsk, Belarus dark synth rock project of Ars Nikonov (aka Arsenio Archer), aka Cold In May “Portrait” from the new EP “Koma:Redux” via skyQode
  • German dark synthpop/future pop duo Alphamay “Afterglow (Zweite Jugend Remix)” from “Afterglow” EP
  • Sweden-based Polish DIY Punk/Electro/EBM producer SUKABURA “Szum” new single
  • Austin, TX dark electro synthpop duo NEW NEON “On The Edge Again” from the new 2-track S/T single
  • Houston, TX experimental dark synth electronic project of Misanthropic Agenda label owner Gerritt Wittmer & Jesse Jackson (Flaspar, Sissy Spacek, live guitar for the Liars and Cindy), aka NAMES “Et Tu (radio edit)” from upcoming 12″ EP “Et Tu & The Warning” on Misanthropic Agenda
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico post-punk/coldwave/synthwave trio (formerly Loss Of Breath), STILL YEARS “Having Changed” debut single
  • New York-based darkwave/new wave/coldwave/post-punk solo project of Nazca Plate lead singer Logan Brennan, aka LEAD BLOCKS – “Nite Duty” from the debut album “Lead” on Label of Goods
  • Fresno, CA post-punk/coldwave trio (formerly Alone In My Room), SEX POISON “Prey To Your God” from the 2-track single “Irreverent”
  • German Post-Punk / Dark Wave 5-piece from Cologne, ROPES OF NIGHT “Faith” from debut s/t 7″ single
  • Greek dark/synth project from Athens, Kalte Nacht “Inmost Desire?” from the debut self/titled LP out now on Geheimnis Records
  • Brazilian dark minimal cold wave/synth trio from São Paulo, FAKTURA “Vestígio” from S/T debut EP
  • French experimental/post-punk/coldwave project of Yannick Rault (Triple Sun), Closed Mouth – “I could be wrong” new single
  • Italian mid ’90s electro-dark-wave duo from Bologna, made of Valerio Biagi (aka Il Gabinetto Del Dottor Caligari; of Effetto Joule) and Sergio Calzoni (of Colloquio; Act Noir), Alma Mater “Icaro” from “Omnia” compilation [1995/1997] on Swiss Dark Nights
  • Chicago‘s art-rock/noise-rock/post-punk four-piece Ganser “Bad Form” (2020 Version) on Felte                     
  • Mid-80s Greek darkwave/post-punk band from Athens, LEFKI SYMPHONIA “Oniro Mesa Se Oniro/Dream Within A Dream” from the new LP “San Ton Ilio/Like The Sun”
  • US dark electronic post-punk project from the founding member of Coliseum, R. Patterson, FOTOCRIME “Love Is A Devil” from the album “South Of Heaven” on Profound Lore Records
  • Oakland, California-based anarcho-deathrockers Mystic Priestess “Smoke and Mirrors” from upcoming EP “Part Time Punks Sessions”
  • Belgium new wave/post-punk band ROZA PARKS “First we kiss” new single
  • Barcelona, Spain post-punk band PARANORMALES “Vértigo” from the upcoming album on Cleopatra
  • Marburg, Germany darkwave/coldwave 4-piece TRICOR “The Room” new single
  • Marseille, France coldwave / post-punk trio MISS PARKER “The Mission” first single from the forthcoming album                                                                                                                                                              
  • Rennes, Angers et Paris based post-punk band VERSARI – “Rose” from the upcoming third new studio album, “Sous La Peau” set for release on April 10, 2020 via Unknown Pleasures Records/T-Rec/Declared Goods
  • Belarus post-punk trio from Minsk, Dlina Volny ‘Кафе танцующих огней’ (Alla Pugacheva cover)
  • German coldwave/post-punk 3-piece PAAR “Modern (ft. Grotto Terrazza)” from the upcoming debut album “Die Notwendigkeit der Notwendigkeit”
  • Vancouver, Canada peace punk/new wave/post-punk band SPECTRES “Fate” from the new album “Nostalgia” on Artoffact Records
  • Detroit‘s post-punk four-piece Protomartyr “Processed By The Boys” taken from the upcoming 5th LP “Ultimate Success Today” on Domino Recording Co
  • Seoul, South Korea surf/darkwave/post-punk outfit International Badboys Inc. “Networking Event” from the debut mini-album “CCOI”
  • Ukrainian Post-Punk/Gothic Rock/Darkgaze project of Serj Kost from Kyiv, GENTLE ROPES “Burning Flowers” lead single from the upcoming album “Burning Flowers”
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s Post-Punk band from Banjaluka, OTITH “Da li smo ovdje bili i juče” from debut 2-track ‘Demo’
  • Philadelphia/D.C. based experimental deathpop ensemble lead by Ross Lipton and Shaina Kapeluck, TADZIO “Pure And Radiant Joy” from the upcoming double vinyl album “That Cold Grey Light” on Blight. Records
  • Providence, Rhode Island dark goth/electronic/new wave/post-punk/darkwave solo project Cross Dragger “Breaking” from the new EP “Cursed”
  • Rockford, Illinois goth post-punk/darkwave outfit The Funeral March of the Marionettes “Solace” title track from the new “Solace” EP
  • Melbourne, Australia rock’n’roll/garage punk outfit Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters “Useless” from the new album “Hammered” on Grubby Publications (Au) and Beast Records (Eu)
  • London, UK noise/post-punk trio GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS ”Pressure” title track from the upcoming 3-track 7″ EP
  • Sidney, Australia DIY noise/post-punk/punk 4-piece Concrete Lawn “Aggregate” title track from the upcoming album on Urge Records
  • Chicago, Illinois post-punk/egg punk trio SPAM RISK “Destroy Madness” from the S/T cassette album
  • Melbourne, Australia garage/psych/post-punk quartet Shepparton Airplane “Fear” from the upcoming album “Sharks” on Wing Sing
  • UK lo-fi post-punk band The Cool Greenhouse “The Sticks” from upcoming S/T album on Melodic Records     
  • Boston, MA dance/post-punk/noise 4-piece MODEL/ACTRIZ “Suntan” new single on Dots Per Inch Music
  • Kyiv, Ukraine post-punk/darkwave/gothic project of Stan Przhegodsky, aka Black Light District “Nose Candy” from the debut EP “BLЯD”
  • Philadelphia-based dark industrial drone post-punk project LUNACY “Past Present Future” from the upcoming cassette EP “The Search For Fallen Field” on Somatic
  • Seattle‘s dark folk/post-punk/gothic-rock project of T.J. Cowgill aka King Dude “The Satanic Temple” from the new album “Full Virgo Moon”.
  • Danish dark ambient neo-classical nordic folk project of black metal artist Amalie Bruun aka MYRKUR “Gudernes Vilje” from the upcoming LP “Folkesange” on Relapse


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