WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #10  


  • Indonesian C86/new wave/indie punk/indie-pop duo THE SENSITIVE “World Is Evil” title track from the singles compilation album “World Is Evil” on Dismantled                                                                                                    

Collecting year one of THE SENSITIVE recording activity, “World Is Evil” is a wonderfully fresh and impassioned approach to the ’80s British indie-pop/new wave sound delivered with raw punk attitude and a fair amount of urgency through 7 (plus 2 impeccable cover versions) intoxicating yet shambling and abrasively affecting melody-drenched pop tunes you will instantly fall in love with.

  • New Cross, London, UK indie jangle-pop DIY partisans The Hannah Barberas “Hurry On Home” from the debut album “Into The Wild” on Spinout Nuggets / Doo Lang Records, on limited CD via Subjangle and limited cassette via Gazer Tapes.

An impressive dizzy display of DIY pop freshness, unique creativity and sonic variety, along with melodic prowess, flowing seamlessly through jangly harmony-filled wonders, Northern Soul inflexions, eager 60s flavours, passionate bluesy and garage tones and laid-back acoustic folk sensibilities to create an absolutely invigorating sounding stellar debut throughout.

  • Sheffield, UK indie/shoegaze/synthwave/dream pop trio, Rehearsed living “Mirror Fog” new single           

Charming, sparkling indie rock with a glossy 80’s Mancunian quality, made up of twanging bassline, waving icy airy synth, sharp guitar riffs and irregular rhythm pads over plaintive vocals for a tune you immediately feel comfortable, infused with an irresistibly familiar sound, which you would never get tired of.

  • Lille, France DIY dream-pop singer/songwriter Elodie Pereira “In love (with it)” new single
  • Bristol, UK based acoustic indie-folk songmaker & performer from Olympia WA, Erica Freas “A Year” from the new album “Young” on Specialist Subject Records
  • Richmond, VA indie pop/dream folk band lead by Adam Watkins, ADDY “Equinox” from the new CD/cassette album “Easier” on Topshelf Records
  • Los Angeles, CA-based industrial/ethereal electronic dream pop/shoegaze duo Chasms “Limits” 2-track single “Limits” on Felte
  • Grrl Cloud & Cody and the Jet Skis “Winding Streets (Remix)” Chicago‘s Tamia Reodica (aka Cody and the Jet Skis) remix of Grrl Cloud’s song
  • Czech lo-fi dream-pop band from Prague/Veselí nad Moravou, BILLOW “Girls” new single
  • New York-based psychedelic baroque space-folk trio of multi-instrumentalist Hewson Chen (The New Lines), drummer Matt Schulz (Holy Fuck / Enon / SAVAK) and vocalist Allison Brice (The Eighteenth Day Of May and The Silver Abduction), LAKE RUTH ‘Aging Now” from the new ltd. 10″ vinyl EP “Crying Everyone Else’s Tears” via on German label Kleine Untergrund Schalplatten
  • Düsseldorf based German kraut/psych/electro/synthpop project of Sebastian Lee Philipp ( part of the Berlin-based electro-wave duo Noblesse Oblige) with the co-production of Ralf Beck (part of the duo Nalin & Kane), Die Wilde Jagd “Himmelfahrten – Single Version” from the upcoming third album “Haut” on Bureau B                            
  • Norwegian indie-pop/folk project of singer/songwriter Sjur Lyseid, aka The Little Hands Of Asphalt “Dystopian Sci-fi” from upcoming 4th album “Half Empty” on Fika Recordings
  • San Francisco/Los Angeles dream-pop/slowcore/shoegaze/fuzz folk duo of Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums, The Reds, Pinks & Purples, The Telephone Numbers) and Jem Fanvu (Tune Yards collaborator), aka VACANT GARDENS “Field Of Vines” new unreleased single
  • Paris, France dream pop/coldwave/avant pop duo Sarah Pitet & Baptiste Leroy (members of Fiasco), HELIUMS “De l’âge” from the upcoming 5-track EP “Morning Dunes” on In Silico Label
  • Bristol, UK guitar pop band SNAILS ‘Hard-wired’, the lead single from their forthcoming LP on Glass Modern Records
  • Glasgow, UK indie/shoegaze DIY outfit THE AFFECTIONATE PUNCH “Scars III (feat. The Vinyl Villain & The Additions)” from the “Scars”EP
  • Russian indie pop duo from Moscow, VHS ‘Совесть’                                                                                                           
  • Moscow, Russia coldwave/synthpop/synthwave duo яблоня [yablonya] ‘устье/mouth’ new single
  • Bay Area jangling power-pop project of ex-Talkies frontman with the original Talkies rhythm section, Owen Kelley (Sleepy Sun) and Phil Lantz (Neutrals), R.E. Seraphin “Fortuna” from the cassette album “Tiny Shapes” via Paisley Shirt Records
  • New York‘s new indie rock supergroup trio of Paul Banks (Interpol/Being Dope AF), Matt Barrick (The Walkmen/Fleet Foxes) & Josh Kaufman (Bonny Light Horseman/Day of the Dead), MUZZ “Bad Feeling” debut single
  • Kansas City‘s musician/singer/songwriter (formerly Woods and The Babies), KEVIN MORBY “Gift Horse” off of new single “Gift Horse b/w I Was On Time” EP on Dead Oceans
  • Montréal, Québec psych/jangly/smooth-pop band TOPS “Colder & Closer” from the upcoming LP “I Feel Alive” on House Arrest Distribution
  • Russian dreampop/synthpop/new wave band from Yekaterinburg, Русская Беспредметность “Лети” from S/T cassette album via HИИ tape records
  • Brighton, UK psych/art-pop trio featuring Toby Hayes (Eugene Quell, Shoes and Socks Off, Meet Me In St Louis), LAUNDROMAT “Humans” debut single
  • Bucks County, PA alt/post-hardcore/shoegaze/grunge duo CROWN OF PITY “Only Skin” from the upcoming second album “Time is the fire in which we burn”                                                                                             
  • Houston, TX dark ambient/noise rock/dream pop/psych/shoegaze foursome GLIA “Won’t” from the debut album “10,000 Plateaus”
  • Mid-80s, Sarah Records affiliated veteran Australian jangly indie-pop band from Sydney, Even As We Speak – “Forgiving” from the upcoming album ‘Adelphi’ on Shelflife Records
  • Melbourne, Australia indie jangle-pop 3-piece The Stroppies – ‘Holes in Everything’ from the upcoming second album “Look Alive!” on Tough Love Recordings
  • Los Angeles, jangle/indie-pop 4-piece founded by singer and guitarist Gretchen DeVault (The Icicles and Voluptuous Panic) and guitarist Ian Patrick (History of Manners), The Francine Odysseys “Hide Your Eyes” from the debut EP “What If We Were Wrong”                                                                                               
  • US dreamy shoegaze 4-piece from the Pacific NW, MY PROPER SKIN “Haunted” new single
  • Liverpool, UK rock/new wave/alt rock project of Dave Jackson and Paul Cavanagh (members of The Room/Benny Profane), The Room in the Wood “Fun Of The Fair” second single taken from new album ‘We’re the Martians, now.’ out on April 10th via A Turntable Friend Records                                                                   
  • New York indie/psych/ethereal/dream pop outfit, Lightning Bug “The Onely Ones” new single on Fat Possum
  • US shoegaze/psych band based in Cincinnati, OH, SLOW GLOWS “Sigh” new single
  • Madison, Wisconsin power pop/psych-folk/indie rock 5-piece DISQ “Gentle” from the upcoming album “Collector” on Saddle Creek
  • Richmond, Virginia fuzz/noise rock trio TWIN DRUGS “Trampoline” new single                                               
  • London, Kentucky shoegaze industrial dreamwave solo project by Corey Philpot, aka OUTWARD “You’re So Beautiful” is the second single from Outward’s forthcoming album due April 3rd on Somewherecold Records.
  • London, UK surf/psych/shoegaze band VELVETEEN “Fall Under” from the new EP “Bluest Sunshine” on Shore Dive Records
  • Russian shoegaze/dream pop quartet from Moscow, Life on Venus “Rosetta” from “Live at Flanger Studio (March 2019)” EP
  • Chicago, IL dream pop/shoegaze band Dream Thirteen “Shrine” from the S/T EP originally released in 1994 and sold out at gigs.
  • Czech psychedelic shoegaze band from Ostrava, At bona fide ‘A5’ from the album ‘Greatest Hits’
  • Cassadaga, FL shoegaze/dream pop project of Matthew Messore, Cathedral Bells “Time Capsule” from the new LP “Velvet Spirit” on Good Eye Records
  • Oakland, CA power pop/punk/dream pop/noise pop 4-piece TONER “Dark Ecstasy” from upcoming second album “Silk Road” on Smoking Room
  • Nashville, TN shoegaze pop 4-piece FEVER BLUSH “Brick” from upcoming s/t debut album
  • US Heavy Shoegaze duo from Dallas, TX made of Scott White of Duell and Leah Lane of Rosegarden Funeral Party, DEEP RED “Television” 2nd from upcoming debut LP
  • Moscow-based new new wave/noise-rock/shoegaze project of Dmitry Gruber (guitars, bass, drums, recordings) & Diana Gara (lyrics, voice), aka Whitenoise Superstar “Long Road” from “Long Road” single [Hjördis-Britt Åström]
  • Russian dream pop/shoegaze band from Moscow (members from mid-’90s band Plastica), COSme “Adore You” new single
  • Córdoba, Argentina shoegaze/synthpop/dream pop trio FRÏO “Drama” from the debut album サムイ on Marly Records and Entes Anomicos Records.
  • New York‘s indie-rock duo of Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman, Diet Cig “Thriving” from the upcoming LP “Do You Wonder About Me?” on Father Daughter Records & Frenchkiss Records
  • Paris, French shoegaze/folk/dream pop solo project of Fiasco member Xavier Ridel, WATERWALLS “Out In The Cold” title track from the debut album “Anom” via InSilico label.
  • Los Angeles‘ lo-fi dream pop band BOLINAS “White Denim” new single
  • Melbourne-based Australian surf/indie/scuzz pop duo originally from Hobarth, Tasmania, HEART BEACH “Elastic” new single
  • Costa Rica‘s indie/shoegaze/psych/dream pop solo project COMET RIDER “Take Your Time” second single
  • Somerville, Massachusetts indie/garage/dream pop/psych-folk singer/songwriter Doug Tuttle “No, No, No, No” b-side of the upcoming 7″ single “Anywhere You Run” on Six Tonnes De Chair Records
  • US indie dreamy alternative band formed in L.A. and now based out of Nashville, Highland Kites “What Love Is” new single
  • Hattiesburg, MS lo-fi /sadgaze/shoegaze/dream pop band project GOTH DAD “Gone” from the new EP “Something New”
  • Atlanta, GA bedroom-pop solo project FLOUT “Palace” from the new album “Hemlock” on Art Is Hard Records and Sloppy Disk Records
  • UK slow/heavy/noisy/kraut psychedelia from Dead Neanderthals / Sex Swing / Mugstar members, TWIN SISTER “Drab” from upcoming S/T album on God Unknown Records
  • Brighton, UK queer, feminist noise-pop DIY band, SLUM OF LEGS “Benetint & Malevolence” from upcoming S/T album
  • Perth, Australia garage punk band Aborted Tortoise “Factory” from “Scale Model Subsistence Vendor” upcoming 7″ EP on Goodbye Boozy Records
  • Indonesian one-man garage punk project of Andresa Nugraha from Bandung, The Battlebeats “Stitch Your Heart Up” from the new cassette album “Search And Destroy”
  • Melbourne dream pop/pop punk five-piece (members Tropes, Dianas and Plaster of Paris), Junior Fiction “Your Love” title track from their upcoming sophomore vinyl album on Roolette Records
  • Los Angeles-based indie/dream pop /synthpop project of composer, producer from Aberdeen (Sarah Records), Languis, Non Ultra Joy, and The Legendary House Cats,  John Girgus “A Postcard” new single
  • Monrovia, Ca lo-fi/bedroom pop/indie rock quartet Unicorns at Heart “Fixture” debut single for Dangerbird Records‘ Microdose monthly music series.
  • Melbourne, Australia indie rock musical collaboration between Nick Batterham (Blindside, The Earthmen and Cordrazine) and Josh Meadows (The Sugargliders and The Steinbecks) feat. Kelly Day on vocals, THE BELL STREETS “Disappointment Town” new single
  • Hamilton, Ontario lo-fi/dream pop/shoegaze/bedroom pop solo project of Joel Blanken, aka STRANGE BODIES “Spun”
  • Tampa, FL indie-folk trio of husband/wife duo Tessa McKenna and Julian Conner (both formerly of Tampa’s Sleepy Vikings) with Stephanie Anderson, Atlantic Oceans “Sickness” from the new EP “The Florida Years” on New Granada Records
  • UK indie grunge folk duo ORPINE “Sondern” new single on Heist or Hit
  • Alicante, Spain shoegaze/new wave/post-punk solo project Dogma 95 “I can’t breathe” new single                                 
  • Astrakhan, Russia post-punk/post-rock/synth-pop/new wave band Вевил / Vevil ‘Декабрь/December’ new EP
  • Jakarta-based Indonesian indie electronic pop band, Roman Foot Soldiers “Controversy” title track of the Guerrilla Records‘ cassette version of the debut album originally released in 2017

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