WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #9


  • Greek psych-garage band from Patras, Goodbye Bedouin – “Pink” from the forthcoming album “The Shaking People” due April 10, 2020 on Inner Ear Records                                                                                        

New single at the same time irresistibly melodic and energetic, influenced by dashes of 60’s psychedelia, in this case, American, with fascinating, splendidly edgy and sinuous guitar riffs of reverberating twangy tones and evocative whining solos, supported by a solid and peppy rhythmic section, augmented by urgently anxious vocals making for a strikingly emotional and wholly addictive piece, which perfectly introduces the album and leave you crave for more.

  • Oakland, Ca twee pop-punk 4-piece THE LEAVE ME ALONES “Nothing Packs a Punch” from “Race to the Bottom” debut EP

With a member wearing a 70s UK Punks The Partisans tee, we could certainly expect a band with grit and attitude, and the Oakland-based quartet’s debut EP is full of them, instilling irreverence, emotional tension and vigour into the otherwise simply infectious twee-pop melodies propelled forward by an eager rhythm section and energic guitar riffs, while the emotive female vocals ‘attack’ the tunes with heartfelt catchy passion, giving up lush aesthetics for a boost of sheer pop energy that captivates without deception.

  • Brisbane, Australia dream pop/shoegaze trio FRAGILE ANIMALS “Only Until It’s Over” new single

The new single from Brisbane‘s trio is peppered in the band’s heady blend of pop sensibility and lush, vibrant and dynamic atmospheric qualities, based on the stunningly bright contrast between seductive caressing evocative female vocals and energetic distorted guitars backed by a vigorous rhythm section, the band creates a distinctively emotional and compelling, relentlessly mesmerizing shoegaze charm.

  • Stockholm-based drone/ethereal/neo-classical/experimental pop artist Linneá Talp aka DEEREST “The Witch” from the upcoming album “COCHLEA” on Dubious Records                                                                                  
  • Mexico City shoegaze/dream pop outfit RILEV “Come Back” from the Split EP with Somewhere on Stupid Decisions
  • Lyon, France dream pop/synthpop band (members of TÔLE FROIDE), SCARLATINE – ” tu souris” from the cassette « Mimosa », out now on Le Syndicat des Scorpions and Indian Redhead                                         
  • New York wave/electronic/dream pop/synthpop duo R. Missing “Suzywhereabout” on Salmiak                        
  • Sweden synthwave/minimal wave/synthpop project Svartsynth – “Ondskan” from cassette EP “Demos” on Harami Tapes
  • Oakland, CA alternative/shoegaze/dream pop project by Kristina Esfandiari (aka King Woman), aka Miserable “Damned to Love You” new single on Sargent House
  • Brooklyn, NY jangle/indie pop band fronted by Phil Sutton (ex-Comet Gain / Velocette/ Kicker) with Andy Adler (Crystal Stilts), Lisa Goldstein (Knight School), Maria Pace & Suzanne Nienaber (Great Lakes), PALE LIGHTS “You And I” off 7″ single via Slumberland Records Singles Subscription Series
  • French dream pop/shoegaze solo project from Brittany, Hello Paris “A Girl In My Car”                                          
  • Denver-based drone/ambient/shoegaze/’heaven metal’ solo project of Sister Grotto‘s multi-instrumentalist Madeline Johnston aka MIDWIFE ‘S​.​W​.​I​.​M.’ off of the forthcoming album “Forever” on The Flenser           
  • Albany, NY based lo-fi/shoegaze/dream pop duo LAVEDA “Ghost” from the forthcoming debut LP “What Happens After” on Color Station.
  • Nantes-based, Brittany-born indie/art pop/dream pop project of Slow Riders member Victor Gobbé aka, LESNEU “Looking For You” from upcoming album “Bonheur ou tristesse” on Music From The Masses
  • Belarus jangle/dream/indie pop 4-piece from Minsk, галантерея [Galantereya] ‘Chaynaya Vecherinka (with Ilya Sivtsov)’ from the debut cassette EP ‘365 Dney V Godu’ on Belka Records
  • Japanese synthpop/ dream pop duo Pink Paper Planes – オールライト/ Alright – new single
  • Kyoto, Japan shoegaze/dream pop quartet TIP TOP NAP ‘ことばの花’ from 2-track second single ‘ことばの花/春のなかへ’
  • Busan, South Korea surf indie-pop four-piece SAY SUE ME “Good for Some Reason (Winter Ver.)” off new single “Good for Some Reason (Winter/Spring)” on Damnably
  • Toronto, Canada shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece (former members of the Mean Red Spiders and NECK), AWAY FORWARD “Rivalries” from the sophomore album “Catching the Sun”
  • San Francisco‘s DIY indie/power pop/jangle-pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Don’t Ever Pray in the Church on My Street” new 2-track single
  • London, UK indie rock band AULD “Never Wanted To Dance” from upcoming debut album ‘Mainstream Music’                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Dunedin, New Zealand slowcore/indie rock band Marlin’s Dreaming “Sink or Swim” new single
  • Rosario, Argentina indie/shoegaze/dream pop band ROSEDAL “Mirar” from the new EP “Universo Paralelo” co-released by Remedio Casero Discos and Genjitsu Stargazing Society
  • Russian jangle pop/dream pop 5-piece, увула [Uvula] ‘не видимся/I don’t see you’ new single
  • Austin‘s DIY bedroom pop/dream pop 5-piece Why Bonnie “Voice Box” title track from the upcoming cassette EP on Fat Possum
  • Austin, TX-based indie pop/dream pop band lead by Michael Lee (also member of Fanclub), Letting Up Despite Great Faults “Keepsake (feat. Socha)” new single                                                                                                 
  • Brighton, UK surf psych/indie rock all-girl 4-piece LIME “Surf N Turf” new single
  • Nashville, TN based dream pop/indie rock outfit fronted by Jordan Gomes-Kuehner, HEAVEN HONEY “Total Abandon” new 7″ single co-released by Cold Lunch Recordings and To-Go Records
  • Philadelphia-based indie rock four piece Suburban Living “Main Street,” lead single off of their forthcoming LP “How to Be Human”, due out May 22 via Egghunt                                                                                                        
  • Kansas‘ experimental indie rock solo artist JORDANA “Crunch (feat. MELVV)” from the upcoming vinyl album “Classical Notions of Happiness”
  • San Francisco dream pop/folk/indie rock music project of Chloe Zelma Studebaker, aka ZELMA STONE “Fly” new single
  • Oakland, Ca jangle/indie rock home recording project of Tim Tinderhol, aka ODD HOPE “All The Things” new 7″ single as part of the SLR30 Singles Series
  • Los Angeles-based dream pop/shoegaze project of singer-guitarist John Cudlip, LAUNDER “Half-Life” new single on Ghostly International
  • London, Kentucky grungegaze/slowcore one-man band by Corey Philpot, OUTWARD “Bored of the Universe” new 2-track single on Somewherecold Records
  • Toronto, Canada grunge/noise rock/shoegaze 4-piece LACQUER “Vacation from Myself” from the new EP “The Create Work Program”
  • Toronto, Canada emo/post-hardcore/shoegaze band HESITATE “Doomgazer” from the single “Counting Sheep / Doomgazer” via Sunday Drive Records
  • Cardiff, Wales psych-pop 3-piece RED TELEPHONE “Suburb Machine” new single                                                       
  • Legendary Rhode Island-based 80s alt/guitar rock band fronted by founder Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses “Dark Blue” from the upcoming album “Sun Racket”
  • Byron Bay, Australia dream pop/indie rock quartet SEASIDE “Shame” new single                                                    
  • Portland, OR bedroom/fuzzy shoegaze solo project Animal Ghosts “Head Rolling” from new album “Wane”
  • London, UK 4 piece indie disco-punks Bugeye “Don’t Stop” new single via independent label Reckless Yes           
  • Brighton, UK shoegaze/dream pop band HANYA “Cement” from “Sea Shoes” EP
  • Teesside, North East England dream-pop/indie quartet LLOVERS “Feeling Sound” new single                             
  • Brighton, UK jangly/indie-pop duo, Chappaqua Wrestling “Early” new single on Good Flavours                         
  • Dutch indie/trip-hop/electronic/pop producer, multi-instrumentalist, choreographer and sound-artist Sun Shy Boy – “Your Body Next To Mine” off “NaNaNa” EP on Freeride Millenium
  • Buenos Aires‘ electro-pop/dreampop artist Carolina Zac “Persuadidos” from the new EP “Posición”
  • French garage/R & B deviants LES GRYS-GRYS “Milk Cow Blues” upcoming ltd. 7″ single out 23rd March on State Records
  • Hull, UK indie/noise rock 5-piece LOW HUMMER “The real Thing” new single out now on Dance To The Radio
  • French indie/post-punk/garage rock band from Toulouse, Cathedrale “Bet” from the third album “Houses are Built the Same” via Howlin’ Banana Records and Rockerill Records.
  • Los Angeles based fuzz/shoegaze/noise-pop/psych/indie band (formerly LEAF), SPLIT MOON “Let’s Leave L.A.” from the new album “Slow Satellite” on Stow House Records
  • Paris-based French 60s surf/psych-pop trio JUNIORE “Ah Bah d’Accord” from the album “Un Deux Trois”
  • Glasgow-via-Manchester/North Wales indie/psychedelic project of Edwin Stevens (previously with Sex Hands, Klaus Kinski and Yerba Mansa), IRMA VEP “The Feeling Is Gone” from the upcoming forthcoming album “Embarrassed Landscape” due 3 April 2020 on Gringo Records                                                                                       
  • East Bay, CA lo-fi/jangle/indie pop project of Ryan Marquez (Carnival Park, The Haircuts, Apple Orchard, Golden Teardrops), The Umbrella Puzzles “Dusty Pages (Acoustic)” new single                                         
  • Bedroom pop solo project of singer/songwriter Jess Awh working out of Manhattan and Nashville, BATS “Long Sleeves” from the upcoming album “There’s a river up high” on Citrus City Records
  • San Francisco lo-fi pop-rock project of the live guitarist of Toro Y Moi, Jordan Blackmon “Family Crest” from “2 Songs” single on Text Me Records
  • Hartford, CT ethereal rock project created by Craig Douglas, OMEGA VAGUE “The Way Out (Original Version)” new single
  • Florida-based veteran cult lo-fi/psych-folk outfit The People’s Love Cult “Something Better” from the (half studio/half live) cassette album “Beware! / People You May Know” on Uk’s Crafting Room Recordings
  • London, OH Kosmische/Drone/Psych four-piece band EAT LIGHTS BECOME LIGHTS “Vertical Take-Off” (LIVE 2014)
  • Legendary 80s Californian alternative/psych-rock band from Los Angeles, Dream Syndicate “Regulator” from the upcoming album “The Universe Inside” on Anti-Records

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