WL//WH Video Of The Day: ALEX KELMAN “Alone”

ALEX KELMAN is the project of veteran Siberian artist Alex Kelman, a founder and member of legendary Russian indie-bands Punk TVHot Zex, Dsh!Dsh!.

With two albums and several EP’s under his helm since 2014 when, relocated to Bratislava, Slovakia, started performing under his own name, the music of Alex Kelman, through noisy guitars, evocative synths, dance beats and beautiful loops, augmented with alluring female vocals, is a heady concoction of psychedelia, krautrock, wave and synthpop, experimenting on stage and in the studio with various musicians and vocalists.

Alex Kelan has just released the new 2-track single “Alone (feat. Magnus Josefsson)” via SuperPlus Records, accompanied by the video for “Alone (original version)”, starring Martina Corvinus, and Alex himself, featuring Aleksandra Glazunova on vocals and guitarist Magnus Josefsson.

Dreamy keys chords run beneath chirping insect-like humming sounds and unobtrusive drone alarm as heavy bass vibrations thump, mixing with swirling synths and calm crystalline guitar melodies to form a surrealist atmosphere laced with sensual fantasy and deep lurking danger. Contrasts, etched in deep shy tender male vocals embellished with ethereal female reflections, detachedly long for unknown caresses’ down pulsing basslines and dancing rhythmic backbeats skipping into heart palpitations.

Resisting an impulsive urge leads to an agonizing struggle between heart and head, as lyrics confess to paralyzing fear and aborted romantic gestures in a cautiously anxious introspection regarding the “Girl in my eyes but I don’t know what to do.”

A haze of confusion fills the air with a transparent overlay of doubt as a woman in black lies bound and confused while flashing strobe lights switch to graffiti lined walls surrounding a man as he struggles to free himself from a rope. Time-lapse photography disintegrates dying dehydration caused by a boiling blistering backdrop of blinding light. Mirror imagery dissects, decapitates, and multiplies model-esque poses into a distorted kaleidoscope of mutated pirouettes dancing into a shadowy dimension of nihilistic joy. A rush of hidden wind sweeps over a fairy tale field during a playfully amorous chase scene before ending as if all were a dream.

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