WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #02

William-Adolphe Bouguereau


  • Athens, Greece new wave/darkwave/ coldwave duo Visions From Cold Poems “Joyful Sorrow” from new EP “Cold Distance”

Evidence to the state of grace of the Greek post-punk/darkwave scene, by the way, check for last year’s Incirrina album finally on the band’s Bandcamp, Visions From Cold Poems is a duo from Athens, actually not exactly new, if the first demo dates back to 2014, but which returns with 2 excellent cuts of dark and refined coldwave, at the same time epic and contemplative, certainly the result of a careful and in-depth knowledge of the subject, where even the haunting voice, not an easy thing nowadays, backed by an ably use of evocative icy synth lines, tight synthetic rhythms and The Cure-like guitars, is fully convincing.

  • Texan darkwave/post-punk/minimal synth/coldwave solo project of Houston based drummer Bruce Courtney, THE STAVE CHURCH “Walking in Shadows” new single

Brand new single from Houston musician, aka The Stave Church is distinguished with eerie and mysterious atmospheres peppered with liturgical organ sounding synth swells, humming bassline, resounding piano notes over goth-tinged evocative vocals, creepy and compelling, as we repeated a constantly ‘growing in shadows’ project.

  • California‘s goth/industrial/electronic/darkwave artist Fornicata “Let’s Get Real”                                                   

As usual, impeccable, obscure and shimmering darkwave from the Californian artist, among mesmerizing bass lines, rousing, pulsing rhythms, eerie synth riffs over alluringly distorted vocals, exuding edgy dance-inducing, relentless dark energy. 

  • German post-punk/coldwave/postwave solo project, A TRANSITION “Russia Today” from the album “Dark White Lies”
  • Mexican ambient/synth/darkwave/electronic project REPENT “A lo que nos llevó la soledad” from the EP “Todo en orden”
  • Minimal wave/synthpop collaborative project of Italian psychedelic techno wizards Donato Dozzy and Retina.it (aka Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono), aka MEN WITH SECRETS “Cabaret Démodé” from upcoming album “Psycho Romance and Other Spooky Ballads” via The Bunker New York                                                    
  • Berlin-based American synth-pop/dream pop artist SOME EMBER “Rift” new single on Third Coming Records                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Croatian dark electro synthwave project from Zagreb, On/a (Robert Hrušovar & Shaita) – “Stranac”                   
  • Fresno, CA post-punk/coldwave trio Alone In My Room “Say Goodbye”                                                               
  • Geoffroy D.‘s Dernière Volonté – “L’Eau Froide” (WLDV Edit) Edit from DJ/Producer from Bilbao‘s WLDV – We Love Dolce Vita.                                                                                                                                                      
  • French electro/new wave/synthwave artist Alex Sindrome “Solidaire Dans L’isolement” new single                      
  • London, UK coldwave/synth-pop/post-punk ‘out wave’ artist Bram Droulers “New Wave Girls (Waving from Next Bus Stop) ft. Lottie Bentham” new single
  • French coldwave/post-punk project Allein in der Badewanne “Seine Welt” new single
  • San Diego County, CA post-punk/darkwave/coldwave duo Mannequin “Radio” from the upcoming cassette album “From A Distance” on Sentimental.
  • Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia synthpop/minimal synth/coldwave duo Proper Suggestions “Glassy Eyes” from “Glassy Eyes” EP
  • Cleveland, Ohio Afrofuturism post-punk/coldwave solo project of Nate Eberhardt, aka NATURE “All In Time” from upcoming “V O I X” debut album.
  • Glasgow-based, Canadian synth artist JJD aka SOFT RIOT “It’s No Laughing Matter (Obscure Dream Version)” 
  • Richmond,VA no wave/synth-punk 4-piece VV “Spies” from ‘III’ EP
  • Los Angeles darkwave/synth-punk project of Darrack Death of Secret Mutilator, Walls Of Poland “Don’t Panic”
  • Italian dream pop/darkwave/shoegaze/post-punk duo SCHONWALD “Inner Sin” new single
  • Coldwave/darkwave/electronic project from Berlin, Desolation Years “Figments of reality” from the ltd. cassette edition of the 2019 s/t debut EP via Infravox Records
  • Synth-punk-Italo-disco duo Kokeshi Milk “Black Painting”                                                                                     
  • Athens, Greece experimental dark/minimal wave duo INCIRRINA “A Little Girl Lost” from debut album “8.15” (lyrics based on the poetry by William Blake) which was released by Geheimnis Records in 29 October 2019
  • Chicago, IL EBM/industrial/synthpop/darkwave new moniker of Wingtips duo Vincent Segretario and Hannah Avalon, VISCERAL ANATOMY “Flowers In Wax” from the EP “Modern Anguish” on Oráculo Records
  • Costa Rica‘s darkwave/dark electro artist based in San Jose, MAVROSKELETO – “Frozen Mountain”
  • Ukraine indie/synthpop project Kill me, ACE! [Убей меня, Эйс!] ‘Ничего святого’ new single
    Sofia, Bulgaria minimal wave/electro/post-punk trio, Les Animaux Sauvages “Et vous m`aimez ?” from the new album “Alchemya”                                                                                                                                       
  • Fayetteville, AR darkwave /post-punk /synth-pop 5-piece WHITE MANSION “Faded” from upcoming debut LP “Human” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Asheville, NC darkwave/minimal synth/coldwave solo project Athena Ignoramus “Primal Materialist” from EP “G L O S S O L A L I A”
  • San Antonio, TX based EBM/industrial/coldwave/minimal electronics multi disciplinary artist Moze Pray – “Re-wire” from upcoming cassette EP “A Whirling Hall Of Knives” on Somatic
  • Barcelona‘s electronic/EBM/synthpop duo SDH (Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms) “No Miracles” from upcoming EP “Against Strong Thinking”
  • German/Russian Post-punk/Minimal/Electro-Punk duo from Leipzig, LOST VIEW “Pravda (Правда)”
  • Connecticut two-piece synth/darkwave/post-punk duo GRANDEUR “The Gilded Door” from new retrospective album “A Blind Moon Rises | Early and Unreleased” on Cult Factions
  • Brooklyn, NY minimal techno/post-punk/synth pop trio THE WANTS “The Motor” from upcoming album “Container” on Council Records
  • French experimental/post-punk/coldwave project of Yannick Rault (Triple Sun), Closed Mouth – “winter #2 part 4” from the EP “winter #2”
  • Dark post-punk from Indonesia, SUCCUBUS “Incubus” from debut EP ” Cohorence”
  • Chemnitz, Germany dark punk/post-punk outfit L’ appel Du Vide “Verschlungen” from the 4-track EP ‘Demo 2020’
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina based new wave/post-punk band PYRAMIDES “Fragil” new single on Casa del Puente Discos
  • San Diego, CA coldwave/post-punk band fronted by Dustin Frelich, Cerulean Veins “Silent as Ghosts” from the new album “Blue”
  • Los Angeles‘ coldwave /post-punk band Warsaw Pact “Surround (2020 Demo)”                                                 
  • Belgian post-punk duo of Gregory Mertz (Daggers, Necrodancer, King Fu…) and Julien Diels (ex-Cocaine Piss, Vuyvr, Elizabeth), aka DEATHMAZE “Pole Position” from debut album “Eau Rouge” on Throatruiner Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden coldwave/post-punk band SATELLITSTAT “Burning Graphite” new single on Bad Alien Productions
  • Denver, CO experimental/darkwave/post-punk project (members of Homebody), NATURAL VIOLENCE “City Living” from the cassette album “Goodnight White Noise” on Death Shadow Records
  • Peruvian dark coldwave “one-man-band” from Lima (half of MonöChrome), SCHMERZ “Blindead” from debut S/T EP
  • Monterrey, Mexico coldwave/post-punk band KROOVYS “Cold”                                                                              
  • Bordeaux, France based synth/post-punk outfit fronted by Mickael Appollinaire aka Monsieur Crane (former member of Strasbourg), LONELY WALK “Shadow of the Time” 2nd single from the upcoming self-titled album due out on Permafrost, I Love Limoges and Kerviniou
  • L.A.-based post-punk/dark electronics/darkwave solo project BLACKRABIT “White Light” from “Light/Darkness DEMO” EP
  • Virginia‘s gothic rock solo project SONSOMBRE “Lights Out” from the upcoming new album “The Veils of Ending” on Cleopatra Records
  • Mexico City early 2000s deathrock trio Decadent Circus “The Loved Dead” from “Unreleased Tracks” EP
  • UK gothic rock band from Bradford, DAWN OF ELYSIUM “First Light” new single
  • Los Angeles post punk quartet The Tissues – “Salt Shaker” from the new second album “Blue Film”
  • Bay Area post-punk /dream pop/synthpop project of Grass Widow bassist Hannah Lew with Kyle King, Sean Monaghan, and Luciano Talpini Aita, aka COLD BEAT “Prism” from the forthcoming LP “Mother” via DFA
  • San Diego, Ca experimental/electronica/cinematic/synthpop duo BY AN ION “Shadow Knife (The New Division Remix)” from “Shadow Knife Remix” EP
  • Madison, Wisconsin electro/new beat/EBM project by Caustic’s Matt Fanale and Null Device’s Eric Oehler, KLACK “Move Any Mountain” (The Shamen cover, originally 1990/91)
  • Bay Area/Philadelphia post-punk/darkwave collaboration Pleasure Policy & No Colour “Missing Persons”
  • Los Angeles goth/new wave/post-punk solo project (formerly Civil Lust), ANI CHRIST “December” debut single
  • Florida‘s experimental electronic/new wave/minimal wave/synth-pop/darkwave solo project of half of PASS/AGES and ex-member of Ars Phoenix, Jonn Gauntletier “Limber for the End Times” from the album “Horrorpop” out soon on Popnihil.
  • Brooklyn, NYC dark electronic krautrock/trip-hop/synth-pop project of Robert Toher (former Brooklyn’s Eraas), Public Memory “Ledge of Ash” from new EP “Illusion of Choice” on Felte
  • Orland, CA dreamy gothic/ethereal wave project of Ean Martin, Mercury’s Butterfly “Stare at Me” from the “Mania / Musical Emergency’ set (2019).
  • Los Angeles based synthpop duo since 1989, Mind Machine “Here And There (Eisfabrik Extended Remix)” from the new EP “Here And There”                                                                                                                                               
  • Bakersfield, CA darkwave/industrial/synthpop and industrial project of musician Christopher Quintos, aka Switchboard Of Souls “Between Warring Empires (part.1)”
  • English post-punk/folk rock collective formed in 1984 in New Cross, London, Band Of Holy Joy “The Devil Has A Hold On The Land (radio edit)” on Tiny Global Productions
  • Sheffield-based legendary 80’s goth post punk /darkwave /”filmic music” musical project centered around the nucleus of twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone aka IN THE NURSERY “Arabesque” from the score music EP “Dulac Shorts” for 3 Germaine Dulac films.


William-Adolphe Bouguereau

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