WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #01


  • Osaka‘s oldest Japanese neo acoustic/guitar pop group founded in 1985, DEBONAIRE “A Kind Of Blind” from the remastered cassette reissue of the 1887‘s self released tape album “Lost From The Picture” via Tokyo‘s blue-very label

As I used to be an online vinyl seller, I recall the name from the ‘neo acoustic want-list’. The cult 1985‘s debut tape album from the oldest neo-acoustic band of Japan, Debonaire, dubbed as the ‘Osaka’s Pale Fountains’, has been faithfully reissued on limited cassette edition, with remastered sound quality, by the excellent blue-very label, enhancing all its DIY genuine, sometimes naive, charm.
A must-have for those fonds on the fizzing jangly guitar-driven pop of bands like early Aztec Camera, Trashcan Sinatras and Lilac Time.

  • Glasgow, UK indie/psych-pop/shoegaze DIY outfit THE AFFECTIONATE PUNCH “I’ve Lost Myself” off of 5-track EP “Into the Great Unknown”

Sometimes a band immediately attracts you only by its name, almost aware that it will certainly be rewarding, and sure enough, the 5-tracker from a quite mysterious, essentially DIY, band from Glasgow, with at least 3 great songs among which it definitely stands out “I’ve Lost Myself”, with a persuasive balanced alchemy of early 90s classic shoegaze and lush keyboard-laden psych-pop sound. A wondrous pop gem, indeed never a song title has been literally more indicative.

  • Brooklyn, NY dream pop 4-piece VIVIENNE EASTWOOD “Afterall” from the EP “Home Movies”

Another captivating name and equally delicious new EP from Brooklyn‘s dream-pop band Vivienne Eastwood, after a long four year hiatus, that combines wistful jangly guitar melodies, and clear icy synth swells instilling fragile and contemplative moods, as dreamy, melancholic whispers, shocked into ecstatic breathless fear, surmise bittersweet memories.

  • Austin, TX experimental/shoegaze/dream pop female artist DOTTIE “Hands” new single
  • Manila, Philippines shoegaze/dream pop outfit SCOTT “Sugar Junkies”
  • Durham, UK new dreamy indie pop band formed by Stephen Maughan (ex – Kosmonaut and Bulldozer Crash), MEMORY FADES “Rose (rough demo mix)”
  • Abington Township, Pennsylvania orchestral/acoustic/indie pop solo project of Todd Shuster (formerly of The Impossible Years), CHERRY FEZ “Safety Net” from S/T debut LP
  • Tokyo, Japan shoegaze outfit FIGURE “Dip” from the new compilation album “Figure past works”
  • Hemet, CA slowcore band (formerly known as Ambersmoke), Grave Saddles “Gothic King Cobra” new single
  • Tokyo, Japan post-rock /shoegaze musician OTOM “Pneuma” off of new EP “New Life”
  • Banten, Indonesia shoegaze/noise/indie rock 4-piece FEEZE “Happy Sad” new single track for upcoming album in 2020.
  • Russian dream pop/shoegaze band from Moscow (members from mid-’90s band Plastica), COSme “Five Days Of Summer” from the new album “Lost Generation” on Shore Dive Records
  • Spanish noise-pop/shoegaze 4-piece GALAXINA “Iris” from upcoming 7″ EP “El Ruido Eterno” due March 2020 via Clifford Records
  • Mexican noise-rock/shoegaze band, Mons Regalis “Diciembre” new single on Stupid Decisions / Hikikomori Discos
  • Crawley, UK post-punk/noisy shoegaze trio fronted by James Harrison (drummer of Air Formation/You Walk Through Walls/Monster Movie), CODE ASCENDING “Thermite” from the new album “Dark Taxa”
  • Glasgow’s psych-rock band Helicon “I Hate Everyone But I Quite Like You” from upcoming 10″ vinyl EP “Zero Fucks” on Fuzz Club
  • UK indie/psychedelic band from Birmingham, The Lizards “Plastic Dream” new single                           
  • Chicago, IL sci-fi thug pop 4-piece The Hazy Seas “Old Clothes” new single from forthcoming debut LP
  • Barcelona‘s dream pop/noise-pop/shoegaze duo TITTYSHEV “Otra Vida” from “Playoff” EP
  • Japanese indie/garage/post-punk/alternative all-girl rock trio based in Tokyo, TAWINGS “Suisen” from the new S/T LP
  • Indonesian shoegaze three-piece from Java, SUNLOTUS “Silver” (Justin Broadrick’s Jesu cover) bonus track in the upcoming “This Old House” cassette version via HÉMA
  • Japanese dream pop/shoegaze trio FULE ‘Morning glow 藍、梔子’ debut single
  • Paris‘ dream pop/shoegaze duo Fleur Du Mal – “Soleil” from V/A “All I want for Christmas is more reverb” on Sonic Box
  • California jangle/indie rock singer/songwriter John McCabe “On TV” new single
  • Seattle/Tacoma indie/psych/shoegaze project of veteran group of musicians fronted by singer John Massoni (members from Room Nine, Luna Moss,Weather Theater, Maxine, and Moon Age), Evening Star Seattle “You Will Never Be Alone” [re-imagining of A Western Family‘s song ‘Touch’ from 1983]
  • Portland, Oregon electronic synthpop / dream-pop duo of Hollie and Keith Kenniff (aka Helios, Goldmund), Mint Julep “So You Say” from the upcoming album “Stray Fantasies” due out January 31, 2020 on Western Vinyl
  • Estonian dream pop/shoegaze collective Pia Fraus – “Love Sports” off of upcoming album “Empty Parks” via Seksound Record Label
  • Blacksburg, Virginia Jack Tatum’s indie pop project Wild Nothing “Foyer” off upcoming EP “Laughing Gas”        
  • Richmond, CA sunshine pop/indie pop husband/wife duo of Ryan and Lei Marquez, aka Golden Teardrops “I Won’t Be Fooled Again” new single
  • US ’60s-style psych/baroque pop quartet from L.A., Electric Looking Glass “Daffodil Tea Shoppe” new single
  • Pennsylvania‘s home-recorded acoustic indie pop project of Andrew Berkley, NUTRITION FUN – “Seven Poems” – 2. there are no cops in california – off cassette album “WE THE MAN” via Unread Records & Tapes
  • Indonesian dream pop/indie-pop band Loca Polka “Weekend Love” from “Cruel Pleasure” debut EP
  • Russian dream pop/indie rock 4-piece from Moscow, Свинопад [Svinopad] ‘Осень/Autumn’                       
  • Indonesian indie rock band based in Bandung, West Java, THE HOLLOWCANE “Wacana Dunia” from S/T debut album on Dont Fade Away Records
  • Montreal, Québec indie/psych-pop 4-piece Double Date With Death “Kodak” from the upcoming album “L’Au-Delà” on Howlin Banana Records / Resurrection Records
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia indie pop trio GRRRL GANG “Dream Grrrl (single vers.)” from the forthcoming album “Here to stay!” on Damnably
  • Belfast based dream pop/shoegaze project led by Adam Miles, Start At The End “Where Are You Now?” from the 2-track single “Brighter Seasons”
  • Wellington, NZ baroque/jangle/indie pop singer/songwriter S A Reyners “Tracey” new single
  • Indie /jangle pop /dreampop DIY project of Amsterdam based indie-music blogger Estella Rosa and Munster based psychiatrist Sebastian Voss, aka NAH… “Perfect Game” new single
  • US twee/indie pop band from Providence, Strawberry Generation “Coffee” from the new EP “Recollections” on Sunday Records
  • Scottish indie pop 6-piece from Glasgow, THE JUST JOANS “Wee Guys (Bobby’s Got a Punctured Lung)” off of the upcoming album “The Private Memoirs and Confessions of the Just Joans” on Fika Recordings
  • Paris, France garage/indie pop 4-piece POP CRIMES “Goes” from upcoming “Debuts” EP on Pop Crimes
  • Melbourne dream punk/dolewave trio Jungle Breed “Wasteer” from upcoming debut cassette album ”Lennox” via Roolette Records 
  • Atlanta, GA experimental indie/psych/dream pop project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Thomas Howard aka Orchid Mantis “Straw Dogs” from the upcoming cassette EP “Long Division” via Z Tapes
  • Modesto, CA shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece SLOOME “Let Her Dream” from the debut LP “Smorgasbord”
  • Bangkok, Thailand shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece Death Of Heather “In Me” off of the upcoming debut LP on Brand New Me Records
  • Italian indie-pop solo project LADROGA “Inglese” new single on Vaccino Dischi
  • Rochester, New York emo/shoegaze/indie rock trio VEKORA “Seven Promises” from “EP2”
  • Brighton, UK based schrammelig post punk/indie-pop outfit of Beth Arzy (Trembling Blue Stars/Aberdeen/The Luxembourg Signal/Lightning in a Twilight Hour/The Fireworks), Shaun Charman (The Wedding Present/The Popguns/The Fireworks), Kerry Boettcher (Turbocat), and Hannes Mueller (The BV’s/Endlich Bluete), Jetstream Pony ‘Yellow Pills’
  • Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia‘s psych/post-punk/ noise-rock/shoegaze project of former Skywave John Fedowitz together with Sandra Fedowitz on drums, CEREMONY east coast “Take A Dive”
  • Phoenix, AZ alt/post-hardcore/shoegaze band RAINY DAYS “Fractured Spine” from the new EP “Downtime”
  • London, UK based alt/new wave band fronted by Australian singer/songwriter Sam Nicholas, CORRECTIONS “Come Undone” from forthcoming album “Simply Activity”
  • Tambov, Russia shoegaze/indie rock trio Radioprotector ‘Шум / Noise’ title track from the debut album
  • Cornwall, UK grunge/shoegaze/noise pop band FLASHES “Happy New Tears” new single
  • San Diego, CA noisy alternative rock trio, Someplace Nowhere “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (The Stooges) live at The Jam Space, 2019
  • Los Angeles kraut/shoegaze/noise-pop 5-piece DUMMY “Angel’s Gear” from upcoming debut EP
  • Viedma, Argentina lo-fi dreamy/indie pop outfit Tu Todo En Mi Nada – ‘En Algo’ from split EP with Facultad de Medicina on Hikikomori Discos
  • Minsk, Belarus lo-fi/post-punk/shoegaze side project of Nürnberg member Jan Pyatranka, фарфоровые коты [Farforovyekoty] ‘где моя голова’ from new 2-track single ‘
  • London, UK lo-fi/bedroom/dream pop project by Joe Moro, aka Pill Head – ‘Absent Days’ (Demo)                  
  • Manchester, UK wavy, fuzzy, sitar-infused psychedelic four-piece FARFISA “Simons Bridge” first single off Farfisa’s new EP “Bravado” out on the 22nd of February 2020 via Sour Grapes Records
  • Canadian electronic /dream pop solo project of Toronto‘s musician-producer Jordan Allen, Rolemodel “Room For Silence” from new single
  • English electronic composer, singer and actor based in Harrogate, Keeley Forsyth “Start Again” from upcoming album “Debris”
  • North East London, UK ambient/cosmic rock/drone pop 6-piece The Leaf Library “Pattern Grammar” new single

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