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Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #43

  • Brisbane, Australia jangle/guitar/indie-pop 5-piece DUMB THINGS “Waiting Out” taken from the sophomore album “Time Again” out now via Coolin’ by Sound

In the wake of Australia‘s thriving knack for great guitar pop bands, the debut album by Brisbane’s quintet relentlessly radiates winsome warmth of reverb-charged, dreamy and delectable golden slacker jangle easy to be sucked in.

  • California ambient/electronic/dream wave/shoegaze solo project (half of Clipd Beak), BLUE MINUTE “1989” title track from the new EP

Walks the line between dream pop and chillwave, the way the synth drifts over the percussive patterns are hypnotic and calming just like sea waves, while soothing secretive vocals streaked by vibrating evocative guitar melodies making for an alluring, and compelling delicately melancholic pop flair.

  • Atlanta, Georgia dream/psych-pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist and VYB bassist Bailey Crone, BATHE “Tarot Cards” new single

The second single from Atlanta‘s talented artist Bailey Crone is not as immediate as the debut, but it’s equally warm and immersive, showing an instrumental and songwriting maturity beyond her young age. The atmospheric, slightly psychedelic, contemplative melodic flow heightened by sparkling 6-string melodies and both soothe-inducing unpassionate vocals, suddenly troubled by searing cloud-bursts of reverb-filled guitar consistently capturing an array of hypnotic and introspective colored moods to sink down into.

  • UK ambient/folk/electronic music composer Will Samson - "Flowerbed (S Carey Remix)" from upcoming new LP ‘Paralanguage’ on 7th December through Wichita Recordings.                                                                               
  • Brisbane, Australia ethereal/dream pop project of Amber Ramsay, aka Cloud Tangle "Thinking Of Myself" from the upcoming debut album ''Kinds of Sadness'' due for release in March 2020 via 4000 Records
  • Chicago psych/indie/dream pop artist Sally Haze "A Swim In The Sun" from the debut cassette EP "Dining Room" via Maximum Pelt Records.
  • Edinburgh-based DIY indie folk-pop project lead by singer/songwriter Dan Willson, aka Withered Hand "No Cigarettes" from 10" EP "Ten Years" on wiaiwya
  • Oakland, CA ambient/dream pop husband/wife duo The Saxophones - "New Taboo" from debut album "Eternity Water"
  • Vladivostok, Russia indie/shoegaze/dream pop/sad pop duo PILL COUPLE "Isles Of Dolor" new single
  • Athens, Greece dream pop/indie pop duet of Vagèlis Kyriakákis and Konstantinos Vavousis, The Model Spy - "Bunchberry Hill" from the debut LP "Serenest (a long play on truth, deceit and souvenirs)" on make-me-happy
  • Chicago, IL lo-fi electronic pop project of singer/songwriter Owen Ashworth (formerly of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone), Advance Base "Sweet Old World"(Lucinda Williams cover) on Orindal Records.
  • Bristol, UK lo-fi/bedroom pop/folk duo Oliver Wilde & Nicholas Stevenson, aka Oro Swimming Hour "FOMO" from the upcoming sophomore album ‘'Lossy'’ via Deertone Records.
  • Los Angeles' shoegaze/slowcore trio MILLY "People Are Forever" from the EP "Our First Four Songs" on Dangerbird Records
  • New Haven, CT indie rock-pop duo of Daniel Belgrad e Michael Lituchy, aka VERN MATZ “Rabbit God” new single from upcoming February 2020 debut album via Decaf Records                                                                         
  • Buenos Aires-based indie/shoegaze/noise-pop duo ELEVAR "No Te Detengas" new single
  • Stockholm, Sweden indie/psych/dream-pop duo of Einar Ekström (previously of Le Futur Pompiste) and Siri Af Burén (Testbild!, Band In Box, Vit Päls), ASTRAL BRAIN "Five Thousand Miles" second single
  • Brighton, UK indie/yacht rock 4-piece NATURE TV "Only One" new single via Heist or Hit
  • Swedish indie/dream pop quartet from Stockholm, Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes "Moon" new single on Rama Lama Records
  • North East of England, indie/guitar pop band made of Stephen Maughan (ex-Bulldozer Crash, actually The Memory Fades), Geoff Suggett (ex-Bulldozer Crash and Lavender Faction) and Malcolm Reay (ex-The Gravy Train), KOSMONAUT "Undertow" new single
  • Malmö, Sweden electronic/psych/dream pop duo Surf Philosophies - ''Ryan'' from upcoming sophomore album "St Tropez Gossip" on Adrian Recordings                                                                                                     
  • Östersund, Sweden powerpop project of Torbjorn Petersson, aka The Tor Guides "Always Somewhere Else" from the new vinyl album "Backwards In Reverse" on Futureman Records
  • Mexican noise-rock/shoegaze project, Mons Regalis "Lo que pasó" new single on Stupid Decisions
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia shoegaze/noise pop/indie rock band Лензвук [Lenzvuk] 'Можно спасти' new single
  • Birmingham, UK indie guitar rock band J A W S "Anyway, Now's Not The Time" new single                                         
  • Grenoble, France indie/dream pop/shoegaze band, SO MANY LINES "A statement of intent" from the debut EP "Greatest travel memory"
  • London, UK based alt/new wave project of Australian frontman/songwriter Sam Nicholas, CORRECTIONS "If I'm Being Inappropriate" from forthcoming album "Simply Activity"
  • Portland indie-pop/dream pop duo Pure Bathing Culture "Pendulum" from upcoming EP "Equinox" on Infinite Companion
  • Seattle dream-pop duo, Night Hikes "Belltown (Single Version)" from upcoming debut studio album "Chalice" out later this year.                                                                                                                                                            
  • Estonian dream pop/shoegaze collective Pia Fraus - "Hidden Parks (Single Edit)" new single EP via Seksound Record Label
  • Griffith, Indiana shoegaze/dream pop duo of Neil Burkdoll and Krissy Vanderwoude, aka WHIMSICAL "Earth Angel" from the new album "Bright Smiles & Broken Hearts"
  • Berlin-based post-punk/shoegaze/Brit-pop/indie rock band Johannes Stabel, XTR HUMAN "On A Greater Scale" new single via Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • Oakland based DIY post-punk/power pop/indie-pop quartet (featuring members from The World, Mall Walk, Dick Stusso and Preening), Blues Lawyer "From The Start" from the sophomore album ‘'Something Different'’ on Mt.St.Mtn label
  • Colchester, UK indie/shoegaze/dream pop 2-piece THE ANGEL MAKERS "Too late" from the "Little Deaths" EP.
  • Houston, TX indie/power-pop solo project K. CAMPBELL "Chords Come Easy" from new 7"vinyl/cassette single "Chords Come Easy b/w Static Threads" on Poison Moon Records
  • Bordeaux, French synth-pop trio (former members of Lokomotiv Sofia, Watoo Watoo, Photon), VACANCE "Strange" from V/A "On Fire | 30 - A Tribute To Galaxie 500" on A Head Full of Wishes
  • Russian post-punk/indie/britpop/shoegaze trio from St. Petersburg, Доступный Отдых [Affordable Vacation] - 'Ноубади' from the debut EP 'Доступный Отдых'
  • San Francisco dream pop/shoegaze 5-piece Pure Hex "Heavy Moon" second single
  • Leeds, UK indie rock quintet The Golden Age of TV "Caught in Doors" new single                                                   
  • San Diego, CA post-rock/grunge/shoegaze band Giant Surprise "Diaspora" off of new 2-track single "Suppose We Are"
  • Los Angeles' shoegaze/psych-rock 5-piece Tombstones In Their Eyes "Maybe Someday" new single on Somewherecold Records
  • Flint, Michigan slowcore/shoegaze trio Greet Death "Strange days" from the new album "New Hell" on Deathwish Inc.
  • Oporto, Portugal gaze psychedelic trio, 10000 Russos "It Grows Under" off of third album '‘Kompromat’' on Fuzz Club
  • Arkhangelsk, Russia post rock/post-punk/shoegaze outfit Культура Потребления "Звук далекой звезды/The sound from a distant star"
  • Portsmouth, UK grunge/psych garage trio Mystic Peach - "The Eye And The Twitch" second single on Honeymooner Records                                                                                                                                                     
  • Virginia post-punk/shoegaze trio KEEP "Pendulum" off the new EP due out in 2020
  • Glasgow, UK alternative/guitar rock 4-piece KAMORA "Wild Thing" debut single                                                           
  • Bangkok, Thailand alt/shoegaze alias of indie producer and musician, ART DAVE “Sad Christmas” new single
  • Toronto, Ontario indie/shoegaze trio formed in the 90s, Jasper's Mindmelt "Scenery" from S/T LP
  • Long Beach, CA psych/dream pop/shoegaze 4-piece HIGHLANDS "Staring Away" from the new full-length album “Wish you were”
  • Aberdeen, Scotland jangle pop/alt-pop outfit The Vapour Trails "Dreams Will Fade" from the album "The Inner Truth - Home Recordings and Demos" on Futureman Records
  • Madrid, Spain dream/noise/indie-pop duo, Marcos y Molduras "te puedes morir" new single on discosdekirlian
  • Hamburg, Germany jangle/fuzz pop duo The Catherines “Please don't freak out while you drive my car" from the cassette album "This is good!"
  • Seoul, South Korea indie/dream pop/shoegaze project Octopus King "Pass by(스쳐가다)" from new 2-track single "Pass by"
  • Perth, Australia solo project of singer/songwriter for Perth band The Wine-Dark Sea, Tracey Read "Touchdown" from her 5th album "Something About the Light"
  • Minsk, Belarus indie/dream pop/shoegaze band, галантерея [Galanteriee] 'чайная вечеринка (при уч. Илья Сивцов)' from the album '365 дней в году'
  • Nashville-based experimental folk songwriting & recording project of musician, engineer, and producer Paul Kintzing, aka German Error Message "What Welcoming" from new single "What "Welcoming / Hand Comes Down"
  • Cult 80s UK goth/folk-rock/psych-pop singer-songwriter PAUL ROLAND "In My Next Life" original version of the track from the newly released album '1313 Mocking Bird Lane' on Dark Companion Records
  • Seattle, WA experimental/ambient/folk Kranky veteran musician Thomas Meluch aka Benoit Pioulard 'Keep' from the forthcoming new album “Sylva” on Morr Music
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