WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #37

Picks Of The Week:

  • Melbourne, Australia indie rock/jangle pop 4-piece enticing HOUSE DEPOSIT “Sometimes, Somehow” from debut cassette LP “Reward For Effort” via Spoilsport Records

Umpteenph Australian band HOUSE DEPOSIT hit the spot for sobriety and elegance through spicy jangle pop seductions and new wave flavours, with entciting echoes of The Go Betweens, Jonathan Richman and Velvet Underground lingering in the distance. Enchanté!

  • Boston/L.A./NYC cross-coastal darkwave/electronic/shoegaze/dream pop trio IEVA “I (Wake)”

Cross-coastal US trio IEVA amazes again with a palpably aching emotional new tune of sheer atmospheric beauty conjuring up mesmeric guitar lines, swells of icy bright synth and riveting sultry vocals, equally disturbing and chilling. Immaculate modern ‘soul music’.

  • Houston, TX dream pop /shoegaze duo ANGEL AURA “Voces Muertas” new single from forthcoming debut album on Wallflower Records.

Texan shoegazers ANGEL AURA show increasingly refined songwriting with a spellbinding, sensual hazy daydream that evolves entrancingly through shimmering and distorted reverb-fueled guitar splendor and ethereal vocals that make for a gripping darkly melancholy spell to get completely lost in…..

  • Ambient/minimal new project of New York‘s 12k label founder Taylor Deupree and Tokyo -based long-time label-mate and collaborator Corey Fuller, OHIO “Frère” from the debut LP “Upward, Broken, Always” on 12k label
  • US/Canada folk collaboration between ex The Microphones, Phil Elverum and former Eric’s Trip‘s singer/songwriter Julie Doiron, Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron / ”Love Without Possesion” from upcoming LP “Lost Wisdom pts 1 & 2” on P.W. Elverum & Sun Label.                                                                                         
  • Los Angeles acid-psych-folk project of guitarist/vocalist Kayla Cohen, aka ITASCA “Bess’s Dance” from the album “Spring” out November 1, 2019 on Paradise of Bachelors
  • Cork, Ireland alternative folk/sadcore band BOA MORTE “Deep Is / Deeper” from the new third album “Before There Was Air”
  • Dunedin, New Zealand‘s project by legendary Clean onward, singer/songwriter, David Kilgour, aka David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights – “Looks like I’m running out” from the new album “Bobbie’s a girl” on Merge.
  • Frome, UK post-punk/shoegaze 3-piece Nossiennes “Acerbic Energy” from 4-track live Demos (2019)                
  • Los Angeles based, Canadian shoegaze/dream pop solo project YOUTH “Shiine” new single on Moon Bus
  • Paris-based FrenchAmerican jangle/indie/psych-pop duo of Guillaume Siracusa on guitar and Erica Ashleson on drums, SPECIAL FRIEND “Before” from the S/T EP co-released via Buddy Records, Hidden Bay Records, Gravity Music, and Howlin’ Banana.
  • Swansea, UK indie/americana/jangle-pop band The Grief Brothers “Marion Jones” from the debut album “Thirty Five Years On Woodfield Street” on Country Mile
  • Brisbane, Australia indie pop/jangle pop 5-piece CANDYBOMBER “Spare The Dirty Look” new single
  • Jersey City, NJ vintage pop/indie-pop duo Fascinations Grand Chorus ”Can’t Let Go” from the upcoming second album “Presentations of Electrical Confectionery” on Silent Stereo Recordings
  • Atlanta four-piece garage rock/power pop/rock n’ roll band lead by Anna Barattin (ex-Vermillion Sands / Trouble in Mind & Fat Possum, and now an Atlantan by way of Italy), Shantih Shantih “Knocking” from new LKP “Someone, Anyone?” on Wild Honey Records and Dusty Medical
  • Calgary, Canada shoegaze/fuzzy garage-pop trio THE QUIVERS “Nice To Meet You” debut single
  • Münster, Germany jangle/indie-pop solo project of half of Nah, Sebastian Voss, aka The Fisherman and his Soul “Let everything that you do be done in love” from “Disco///Voss” EP on Emma’s House Records
  • Lyon, France indie/psych/French pop project of Pauline Le Caignec, aka KCIDY “Fière de toi” from the upcoming album “Kcidy a dit” on Le Pop Club Records/Le Confort Moderne and Another Records
  • Antwerpen/Hamburg-based dream-pop duo THE DAY “Icon” (cover version of Amsterdam’s band DAKOTA)
  • Spanish dream pop/shoegaze band from Sevilla, SWIMMING POOL “No Soy Un Soñador” from the new EP “Nothing” on Shore Dive Records
  • Minimalist guitar/jangle/dream pop project of Jimmy Hewitt (formerly Orca Orca) based in Northampton, MA, LOST FILM ”Enough” from the forthcoming album “Zero Summer”
  • Ukrainian synthpop/shoegaze/dream-pop duo from Kyiv, Peredmova ‘На Високій Горі / On the High Mountain’ first song of the second single from the upcoming album “Sezon Pereizdiv Deyakykh Liudey” via Dobryi Bober Records
  • Nottingham, UK 90’s cosmic krautrock psych-punk coldwave outfit SIX BY SEVEN “Run With You” from the new album “Enfilade”
  • Legendary New Zealand songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (former This Kind of Punishment & Nocturnal Projections, and part of Plagal Grind and Two Foot Flame), Peter Jefferies “Wined Up” from the album “Last Ticket Home” on Ba Da Bing Records
  • Bloomfield, NJ guitar rock band JOY CLEANER “Pink Lite” from upcoming “You’re So Jaded” LP via Jigsaw Records                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Seattle, WA college rock/indie pop/guitar pop 4-piece TINCHO “CT” from the debut album “Home Today”
  • Phoenix, AZ post-hardcore/shoegaze outfit RAINY DAYS “Fortunes” from the debut EP “Flooded Flowers”
  • Texas goth/bedroo/shoegaze/dream pop project THE BRADLEY “Goodluck” from the album “Emoworld”
  • Vancouver, Canada emo/shoegaze/indie rock band WOOLWORM “Hold the Bow” from upcoming album “Awe” on Mint Records
  • Wellington, New Zealand Alternative/Dreampop/Shoegaze project of Ash Smith, aka  Secret Knives “Simple Bliss” from the upcoming cassette album “Snuff”
  • Baltimore, Maryland minimalistic rock band ROMANTIC STATES “Real Real Blonde” from upcoming LP “Ballerina” via Gentle Reminder Records.
  • London, UK indie/garage/psych-pop 3-piece YAK “Am I A Good Man” from upcoming EP “Atlas” on Third Man Records                                                                                                                                                               
  • Flint, Michigan slowcore/shoegaze trio Greet Death “Do You Feel Nothing?” from the upcoming album “New Hell” out 11/8 on Deathwish Inc.
  • Melbourne, Australia noise/grunge/garage-rock trio KILL BELL “not on loop” new single
  • South Carolina‘s indie/dream pop/shoegaze trio Hundredth – “Iridescent” title-track from the new EP             
  • Oakland, CA alt/shoegaze project of musician Christopher Adams (formerly of the noisy rockers Never Young), PENDANT ”Through A Coil” title-track from upcoming LP out November 2019 on Tiny Engines
  • Irish post-punk/shoegaze/noise/trip-hop/electronic 5-piece based in Dundalk, JUST MUSTARD “Seven” new single
  • Malmö, Sweden alt/shoegaze/dream pop trio SPUNSUGAR “Crumble” from debut EP “Mouth Full of You” on Adrian Recordings                                                                                                                                           
  • Ottawa, Ontario jangle pop/indie rock duo SKYTONE “Adrift” new single
  • Shoegaze/jangle pop/dream pop solo project of San Bernardino, California‘s Manuel Joseph Walker, aka FOLIAGE “Tranquility” from the new cassette album “Take” out now via Z Tapes
  • Birmingham, UK dream pop/goth pop project of Dom Sepúlveda, aka Goth Boii, aka VEDA “WERK” new single                                                                                                                                                               
  • Swedish electronic dream-pop solo project of Johan Angergård (Acid House Kings, Eternal Death, Pallers, Club 8), The Legends “Looking For Love (feat. Club 8)” new single on Golden Islands                                             
  • Los Angeles based dream pop/electronic duo O FUTURE “Spy” new single                                                           
  • Palmerston North, New Zealand dream-pop/emo-pop/shoegaze duo SPORT DREAMS “Drive” new single on Papaiti Records
  • Melbourne, Australia dream pop project of one half of IV League, Bella Venutti, aka prettything – “Endless Blue” debut single                                                                                                                                                     
  • South London, UK indie rock five-piece YOWL “Mammalin Fondness” new single taken from upcoming ”Atrophy” EP on Clue Records
  • Auckland, New Zealand surf/psych/garage rock band Echo Ohs “Fool” second single off the upcoming vinyl EP “Wild Weeds” out July 2019 on 1:12 records.
  • New Jersey surf/garage/psych-rock trio fronted by guitarist and vocalist Melissa Lucciola, Francie Moon “Dear Love” from the cassette album “All The Same”
  • San Francisco‘s space rock/psychedelic duo MOON DUO ”Stars Are the Light” title-track from forthcoming album ”Stars Are the Light” on Sacred Bones                                                                                               
  • UK psych/sitar/synth/drone collective from North Wales, The Cult of Free Love “Visions” off upcoming split 12″ EP with Magic Seas via Magic Love Records.
  • Naples, Italy darkwave/nugaze/shoegaze trio Solitude In Apathy “Nothing lasts forever” from debut s/t EP
  • Chicago’s bedroom/chillwave/synthwave producer American Wolf “Not Enough” new single
  • New York dream pop/new wave/synthpop trio PAPERTWIN “Candy Cigarettes” new single
  • Austin, TX electronic/indie/shoegaze/dream pop solo project LYCHNIS “Pink Wine and Sister Saturn” from the sophomore album “Venus Tears”
  • Japanese ambient/post-rock/shoegaze project of Nobuki Yagi, aka SAISA “Sunrise after the snowstorm” from “Nobady is immortal. Who would not a perish?” on kiw label
  • Columbia, South Carolina experimental/coldwave/shoegaze solo project SPOREPRINT “Art Thief” from debut s/t EP
  • Durham, UK dreamy/indie pop band formed by Stephen Maughan (former Kosmonaut and Bulldozer Crash), MEMORY FADES “Space pilot (northern_electrix_remix)” off of “Space Pilot remixed” free 3 track EP

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