WL//WH Track Of The Day: NÜRNBERG “Mora”

Track Of The Day Nürnberg

MinskBelarus based two-piece band Nürnberg are back with a new single titled “Mora”, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Roman Komogortsev​ of Molchat Doma​, first preview from their forthcoming sophomore album.

Influenced by the Post-punk and New-wave of the late 70’s and early 80’s, the pair aptly mould a strongly melodic and emotionally gloomy, cold sound made of mechanical, tight synthetic rhythms, pulsating bass that flawlessly coalesce with reverb-charged evocative guitar chords enhanced by blankets of keyboards over desolate vocals able of engendering anxious and uneasy feelings and drained emotional states that hamper and deplete personal relationships.  

The new single “Mora” veers toward enveloping, meditative, albeit always broodingly melancholic, dreamy atmospheres awash by sweeping clear synth drifts, smoldering deep drab bass line, 6-string strums and lashing, solemn precise kicks and snare beats are pierced on top by searing and sparkling slivers of achingly dismal guitar melodies that interplay and ignite despondent vocals seamlessly permeated with yearning wistfulness and disheartening sadness.

Introspective and moving seams of profound sorrowful emotions that sink into the complex, contradictory, fascinating, sometimes peaceful and satisfying, more often troubled and turbulent, murky sea of the human heart at the mercy of treacherous waves.

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