WL//WH Track Of The Day: LOST ECHOES “Darkness”

We left off with the Portland, OR-based atmospheric shoegaze band Lost Echoes at the time of their last April’s third 3-track EP “All My Heart”.
The 4-piece, comprised of veteran musicians/sound engineers David Gross (guitar, vocals, production), Joel Cox (bass), Marcus Knauer (drums, guitars, vocals, production) and former Visiting Diplomats’ Michael Lynch (guitar), is back with the new track “Darkness”.
Terse repetitive drumbeats and steady, dense ominous bass chords slow build into a majestic, brooding and mysterious nocturnal ambience, intensely emphasising deep foreboding uncertainty and isolation, while spacious, icy synth drifts and shimmery, reverberating guitar melodies hypnotically swirl, echo and finally achingly reverberate, louder yet restrained, over calm, forlorn vocals lost in a claustrophobic state of weak paranoid delusion, hopelessly forced to keep ‘running away’ from the fear of the unknown.

 “Darkness” pushes the band towards fascinating shadowy goth-tinged boundaries while maintaining their distinctive melodic and emotionally gut-wrenching immersive qualities, a worthy challenge.

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