WL//WH Video of the Day: BEDROOM TALKS “Dangerous Game”

Track Of The Day Bedroom Talks

Bedroom Talks is the West Ukraine’s electronic ‘autumn pop’ project, based in Rivne but relocated to Lviv, of Jin Kei, former member of new wave outfit Cold Comfort, born out his love for post-punk / EBM and pop.

Sad, cold, minimal and hauntingly danceable electronic music that has everything it takes to ignite the obscure corners of the dancefloor.

A DIY video, created by Y.Grobblack, for the track “Dangerous Game” has just been released, taken from the forthcoming debut EP due to be released via the Ukrainian imprint Pincet and other Western European labels yet to be confirmed.

Deeply sad, intense and hypnotic with nods to the German/Belgian Old-School EBM scene from the 80s,“Dangerous Game” is relentlessly propelled by sturdy, repetitive kicks, snares and sparse claps as distorted buzzing basslines repeat a rudimentary trance-inducing pattern, while eerie disturbing synth swirls and deep formal lamentations mourn the end of love lost, forming layers of obsessive-compulsive claustrophobic yet pulsing atmospherics primed for dancing.

Heartbroken over a lop-sided relationship final demise leaves a man in deep contemplation over love, life, and the rules of the game. Unrequited love is never intended, but over time feelings build, or don’t, and evolve into a deep yearning for the other. People often remain in a reciprocated relationship believing feelings will change.

Minimal black metal video follows a heartbroken man as he childishly stomps down a dirt road into an expanse of trees at night. He then manages to lurk and hide as he broodingly sulks within a bush enshrouded in its fauna. Jagged and harrowing branches point thousands of daggers at his head while he struggles to maintain composure lest he gets caught.  After examining the native trees and plant life, it appears the mourning period has lifted as he skips playfully up the street.

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