WL//WH Video Of The Day: CA DE BESTIAR “Chicos Salvajes”

Video Of The Day Ca de Bestiar

The industrial, electro-punk sound from Spanish duo Ca de Bestiar, based out of Barcelona, is defined by an energetic heady mix of ceaseless, stabbing, metallic industrial rhythms, modern heavy digital electronics, sinister and obscure post-punk, and unnerving nihilistic synth minimalism over vocal distortions, inspired by iconic bands such as Esplendor Geometrico, Liasons Dangerouses, Parálisis Permanente, Throbbing Gristle and Suicide.

The band deconstructs punk and recombines its elements into an industrial synth-punk dance machine that keeps the beats coming hard into the after hours of dawn. 

After a self-released tape in 2018, Ca de Bestiar‘s 6-track debut vinyl 12″ EP “Chicos Salvajes” was dropped last month through fellow Barcelona‘s independent label Màgia Roja.

Prominent hypnotic basslines relentless assembly-line chugging expels industrial steam compressed hisses clapping into droning futuristic ringing shrills surreptitiously infiltrating the bass-laden drum machine’s repetitious mechanical cloud swept in harsh violent screams of misunderstood industrious clamour heard abrasively echoing into the night.

Poetic lyrics tell of the communal coexistence between artists resulting in a triumphant tapestry woven in blood, sweat, and tears for humanity to realize. A valuable message, sentiment, or a cathartic release of troubled energy is expressed allowing for growth and change to emerge unthreatened in the caustic world of hate from which it resides.

A controversial video, directed by AUR and Pablo G. González, alternates between a dark smoke filled scene in a night club and the bright city streets where children gather set against the backdrop of a toxic factory lain dormant but not forgotten by the local citizens. Silhouettes dance shrouded in flashing lights as children play rhythmically choreographed to the brutal mosh dance erupting on the dancefloor. Stones are thrown at the wall of graffiti as it hides the clear and imminent danger looming right before their eyes.

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