WL//WH Video of the Day: STRAWBERRY PILLS “Icarus”

Video of the Day  Strawberry Pills

Hailing from Athens, Greece, dark electro-romantic duo Strawberry Pills, made up by Valisia Odell and Antonis Konstantaras , formed in 2012 and released a 4-track EP the following year before going on undefined hiatus, finally broken at the start of 2019 with the single ”Verbal Suicide”, pervaded with a more mature, modern and nuanced dark electronic post-punk sound in the wake of bands like Soft Moon sprinkled with 80s British synth-pop/new wave suggestions.

The band replicated a few days ago with “Icarus”, accompanied by the video filmed & edited by Aris Athanatos, another tasty and compelling preview from their debut album due to be later in the year.

Robotic rhythms abrasively vibrate together with bouncing distorted bass, new wave-flavoured cyber sequences and repetitive rolling loops as strong, raspy, sparkling female vocals and piercing guitar melodies laced with clanking industrialized samples evoke detached dread regarding time lost loving an icy heart of betrayal.

After a terrible break-up with a man who meant the world to her, a woman finds herself alone suffering and struggling to find her identity. Finding out the rumours were true about her ex only leads to more strife as she battles to find her identity, pay for medication, and dabbles in thoughts of suicide. An honest portrayal of the hardship some women face and the liberated self-loathing that inspires them to freedom.

An unrequited love song settled in deception expressed within a ferocious dance set against the backdrop of a brilliant kaleidoscope of images that both augment and diminish the time and space of the video. Shadows, mirrors and lights illuminate and eclipse the vast starkness of the warehouse creating four heads shifting back to one, reflecting hair and hands into an insect, and causing a man to disappear with his guitar into a cloud of smoke. A lasting and lively dance of twisting and shaking her body ceaselessly without tire, releases the sorrow, guilt, and pain into the cosmos to recycle as she begins a new journey.

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Photo by Mariza Kapsabeli

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