WL//WH Track Of The Day : DREAMS OF EMPIRE “Swarm”


Brighton, UK based singer Jane and guitarist Andrew were both parts of Luminous, a band which made a record with Galaxie 500 producer and Shimmy Disc legend Kramer in the 90s, before quitting the music scene.

As a reminder to ‘never give up on passions’, the duo decided, inspired by the brilliant comebacks of Slowdive and Ride, it was the right time to write music again, and here are 3 singles in a row, oscillating amazingly between shimmering and immersive dream pop and trance-inducing shoegaze.

The last one “Swarm” is a ‘relentless charge through suffocating city life’, dealing with dissociation, feelings, and disharmony. Built on a effect-laden dense and wistful guitar chord progression that pushes the sonic envelope and ebb and flow relentlessly, backed by hypnotic, nimble drumbeats, creating painstakingly crafted melodies and evocative, emotional dreamy atmosphere loaded with deep sense of claustrophobic distress, intensified by spellbinding, almost siren-like vocals rising in intensity as steadily undermine by concern and alarm.

Profoundly intuitive, highly sensitive, and extremely attuned to moods, feelings, and surroundings, an empath becomes overburdened with hostile, selfish, physically intrusive people who are unaware of their wrongdoing.

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