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Video of the Day Seacrypt

OaklandCalifornia based dark synthpop trio Seacrypt, made up of former Nommo Ogo member and IdentityTheft’s Michael Buchanan (synth, guitar, rhythm), Chelsea Friedman (synth, voice, bell) and Paul Sutfin (synth, voice, flute, horn), after last July 2-track single, “Threshold/Watcher”, are finally going to release their long-awaited 6-track EP “The Sequel” via Falco Invernale Records (F.I.R.).

Title track “The Sequel” shows the most atmospheric and immersive nuance of the band’s sombre, murky and moody, albeit even rhythmical, synth-laden sound.  Downtempo muffled beats, woven with deep pulsing bass, awash by subtle and melancholic swelling synths, ebb and flow with bereaved ethereal windswept vocals, as resoundingly dense and profound guitar melodies, plaintive piano notes and poignant and evocative synth lines compose an emotional atmosphere void of time, yet filled with waiting, at once elegiac and ecstatic.

The death of a soulmate leaves the other heartbroken, nihilistic, and longing to be held. Suddenly, a thought as if sent telepathically reveals they will be together again, but not in this world. Slight doubt gives rise to elation, euphoria, restless dreams telling her to, “turn the page on this world.”

The companion video brings the realms to life with magnificent land and seascapes time lapsed into natural shifts between the kindred spirits. Contrast filter lenses, dramatic lighting and intense makeup, enrich the heart felt sentiments through expression, color, and clarity. Wild leopards and reflections of Cleopatra (animus/anima) epitomize the ideology with profound respect and knowledge.

A dynamic union of song, lyrics and visuals plugged into an otherworldly, spiritual love connection enduring the test of time.

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