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Weekly Electronic Music Tips #2

  • Ambient / drone / electronic collaborative project of Danish producer Jonas Munk (Manual, Ulrich Schnauss collaborator and more) and Michigan native Jason Kolb (Auburn Lull), aka BILLOW OBSERVATORY “Bright Lands Rising”off the upcoming 3rd album “III: Chroma/Contour”, out February 8th on Azure Vista Records   
  • Brooklyn-based Chigago‘s experimental electronic producer Max Ravitz, aka PATRICIA “Phosphor Bells”         
  • Paris, France Industrial / Acid / Ebm / Techno producer End of Mortal Life – “Circle Of Love ft. DJ Varsovie” taken from upcoming cassette EP “Cette Fille” on Intervision                                                                           
  • Ireland-based electro / techno Australian brothers, Michael & Ciaran Corcoran, aka MIKRON “Embers” from upcoming album “Severance” on Central Processing Unit
  • Darkwave / EBM / Synthwave female solo project from Turkey, BEWITCHED AS DARK “Sizi” from upcoming V/A ”Not Your Turkish Delight” Compilation                                                      
  • French ambient / dark techno artist based in Paris, VON GRALL “WLM” off of forthcoming EP “Three Waves” on Horo                                                                                                                                                   
  • German dark electronic / EBM trio Die Selektion “Kalter Atem (Tommy Four Seven Remix)” from upcoming EP “Deine Stimme Ist Der Ursprung Jeglicher Gewalt Remixed” on aufnahme + wiedergabe                                     
  • Melbourne, Australia EBM / dark electronic producer LBEEZE “Racked” from forthcoming V/A “Vital Impetus” out March 25 on June Records
  • Sidney, Australia electronic / darkwave artist GOO MUNDAY “F**k Your Fear (Mr.Kitty Remix)”                   
  • London-based, American/Australian experimental analog electronic music project of Penelope Trappes & Stephen Hindman, The Golden Filter “Cut My Hair” from the new “Dislocation” EP                                             
  • Electro-doom postpost-industrial duo of L.A.‘s and Droid label co-founder Moe Espinosa and Berlin based Guadalajara born Luis Flores, BELIEF DEFECT // “Deliverance (Telefon Tel Aviv Dub)” taken from 4-track EP “Remixed 01” out February 08, 2019 on Raster                                                                                                              
  • Late 80’s New York‘s post -industrial electro punk group lead by Stuart Argabright (Ike Yard, Dominatrix, Death Comet Crew) along BR founder member Shinichi Shimokawa featuring Soren Roi and Zanias, BLACK RAIN “Computer Souls” from the new EP “Computer Soul” on Blackest Ever Black
  • Parisian acid / industrial / EBM producer Tomas More, aka December “Intervention Tune!” from upcoming 4-track EP ‘Night Of Nights‘ on Rotterdam’ imprint Pinkman
  • Bordeaux, France experimental electronic / minimal wave trio United Assholes – ”La Les Chachats, La Les Chienchiens” from split 7″ single with Panoptique on Macadam Mambo
  • Italian lo-fi / industrial / dark techno producer and owner of underground label Eufemia, Religius Order “Atonemet” from the upcoming split cassette with Santoine “Plastic Gods” on Out Of Order label
  • Paris-based Industrial / Noise / EBM / Electronic producer USELESS POSITION – ‘Can A Hole In Your Head Get You High” from upcoming V/A “Sacred Grounds” on Larmes.
  • Canadian cyberpunk / industrial / synth electronic producer from Toronto, Holon “The Chosen Path”                  
  • Richmond, Virginia based ambient/noise producer Capture Culture “Moment B” from the new album “Moments”
  • Copenhagen, Denmark experimental / dark techno producer Schacke – ”To The Outer Limits And Back” from the forthcoming EP “Welcome To The Pleasure Dome” on Instruments Of Discipline                                               
  • Dutch/Japanese experimental / industrial / techno producers Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa – ”Same Script, No Solution (Kerridge Remix)” from the upcoming EP “Mediate Between Them” on Voidance                         
  • Swedish industrial / electronic / EBM project of Anders Karlsson (Severe Illusion and The Pain Machinery), Celldöd – “Hatet” from upcoming cassette EP “Kemisk” on AMOK Tape                                                 
  • Berlin based Belgian electronic producer Joris Biesmans – “Hélène” from V/A “Numéro 01” on Correspondant                                                                                                                                       
  • London based electro producer and Vivod imprint founder Ali Renault, aka CESTRIAN “Speak & Spell” from the EP “Gradients” on Mechatronica                                                                                                           
  • Mainz‘s EBM / dark techno pioneer producer Thomas P. Heckmann “Dunkel (Phase Fatale Remix)” third part of the EBM Manifest series on Sarin’s X-IMG
  • Reykjavik, Iceland industrial / EBM / dark electronic artist HATARI “Spillingardans” new single on Svikamylla ehf.                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Antwerpen, Belgium ambient / drone / electronic producer LILAC PAVILION “Silent Neglect”                         
  • Danish experimental ambient electronic collage artist and musician øjeRum “Sange til den Sidste Sol”                 
  • Grenoble, France dark electronics / EBM / rave / acid / industrial producer Maxime Fabre, aka Crystal Geometry “The True Origin” from upcoming EP “XV Signs of Doomsday” out February 4th, 2019 on Tripalium Corp                                      
  • Turin, Italy dark synth electronics / EBM / industrial techno / post-punk artist IRON COURT “Dawn Falls” from new cassette EP “Thorns” on Detriti Records
  • Industrial/Techno/Experimental project duo from India, A Birth Defect – ”Rush Of Valour” from upcoming “Passengers of illusion” EP on THEABOVE records
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina synth / coldwave / electronic producer Alejandro Veneno – “Plectro (La Decadanse Remix)” on Dogs & Vultures Records wax series
  • New project of Hungarian electronic producer Tamás Olejnik (also Antendex, Dublicator, Astral Travel Agency, Organit), NORDENA “Lowlands” title track from the new EP                                                                                    
  • Stockholm based Italian shamanic ambient/techno producer Andrea Domeniconi, aka Bmbmnd – “Evaporite” from V.A – ‘Jeju 濟州’ on Oslated label                                                                                                
  • Danish industrial / electronic / experimental / noise duo of Frederikke Hoffmeier (a.k.a Puce Mary) and Jesse Sanes (a.k.a Liebestod), aka JH1.FS3 “Virtues of Desperation” from “Loyalty” on iDEAL Recordings                   
  • London, UK electronic duo Jason Swinscoe and longtime musical collaborator Dominic Smith, THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA “A Caged Bird/Imitations of Life (feat. Roots Manuva)” new single from forthcoming LP “To Believe” out March 15th on Ninja Tune                                                                                           
  • Electronic collaborative project between Japanese producer Tomoyasu Hayakawa (aka Tomo Akikawabaya) and legendary British artist Rober Wyatt, The Future Eve featuring Robert Wyatt “04.082” from the forthcoming album “KiTsuNe / Brian The Fox” on Flau  

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