WL//WH Track Of The Day : RUSTED SATELLITES “Constellations” (Demo)

An alternative band from Jefferson City, Missouri certainly is not usual, but the debut demo song “Constellations”, from 3-piece band Rusted Satellites immediately lures you in with its hypnotic and atmospheric, at the same time powerful and intense blend of shoegaze and psychedelia. 
Reverb-infused guitar sounds ebb and flow from densely-layered web of gentle swelling melodies to energetic sharp fuzzy riffs, underpinned by warm bassline and nimble drum beats, while rich captivating, unrestrained vocals float and breeze into space in an otherwordly magic ride of two ‘tattered souls’, dancing and roaming among the stars, breaking free from an oppressive world who don’t belong, before been submerged by an ultimate crackling and crushing burst of feedback, ending the song.
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