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New French punk rock band from Rennes, Carambolage (meaning Cannon) born out of the creative energy of Remi Peltier and his buddies from the long time DIY fuzzy psych band Kaviar Special have just dropped a new video from their forthcoming self-titled debut 4-track EP set to be released on February 15, 2019 via Howlin Banana Records in collaboration with Azbin Records and Musique d’Apéritif.

The energetic and anthemic “Gauche Droite” (‘Left Right’ as in fighting) is propelled by fast paced ominous melodic post-punk bass line, pounding back beats, and high piercing synths to introduce angry, remorseful, self deprecating yells of disturbed sorrow turning to relief and infectious punkish chorus. Subdued soaring guitar riffs, alarming distressed synths, and impassioned cries of disgust create an environment of chaotic, frenzied anxiety while all the instruments soar and then suddenly stop… inevitably you’ll have it stuck on repeat for days!

A song about regret, rash decisions, and paying for mistakes. An adventures night on the town tuns violent as a man defends himself and another against violent thugs. In retrospect he realizes he should have never gone out let alone fight stronger people that outnumbered himself and resolves not to do it again. Simple lyrics with a moral to the story, love it!

The accompanied video by Valentin Guenno uses the past, present, and future to show the different stages during his life-changing experience. Scenes alternate between ranting in a field, the brawl, getting his broken teeth fixed, and finally landscapes of peace, happiness, and reform.

Mixing post-punk broodiness with punk urgency, combined with an upbeat sense of fun, “Gauche Droite” is a wonderfully inspirational song about taking responsibility, correcting wrongs, and breaking bad habits.

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photo by Attic Video

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