WL//WH Video Of The Day : DAS FLUFF “Rise”

Video Of The Day

London/Berlin electro post-punk trio lead by chanteuse, guitarist, songwriter and owerwhelming performer Dawn Lintern, after another highly satisfying year which led to the release of their 4th album “Anxiety Dreams” and a memorable Asian Tour, start 2019 in style with the new visuals for the song “Rise”.

Sonic intense subdued synths echo and zip over taut, pounding syncopated drum beats creating an uncomfortably sense of serene solitude. Distinguished low soaring vocals, bleedingly rich and soulful interspersed with wistful, mesmerizing, emotional guitar leads culminate in a cathartic release of visceral sorrow and unrelenting pain.

An intimate delve into a life made of mandatory charades and secrets supported by powerful sadistic hypocrites finds a woman rising above the indignities and discovering her true inner beauty and strength.

The companion video immediately draws you into the plot with full rich textures of costume, makeup and hazy neon lights. Shadows partially obscure the expressionless face of a woman as she dances seductively in slo-mo giving the illusion of uncomfortable restraint and freedom in complete unison with the song.

Beautifully raw descriptive lyrics and composed feral vocals take you deep inside a world of glamour and shame.

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