WL//WH Premiere : CLARENCE PARK “Holy Ground” [LARMES]

Premiere     Clarence Park

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the track “Holy Ground” by French producer and Larmes label owner/founder CLARENCE PARK, taken from the forthcoming 12-track compilation Various Artists III “Sacred Grounds” due to be released on January 31, 2019 via his own LARMES imprint, featuring : Ōtone, Useless Position, Weever, Zagam, Nigh/T\mare, Istigkeit, TekraCatartsis, dreadmaul, Hexose, Divided Vision of Souls. 

Clarence Park‘s music is situated at the crossroads of contemporary Electronic music and Experimental, with minimalist and emotional sonorities. He integrates melodies, residual noise and digital anomalies to create a dark textured soundscape.
“Holy Ground” is a dystopian dirge driven by mournful and trance-inducing slow-paced evolving drones, absorbing and evocative throughout, entombed with unearthly and unsettling Gregorian chants, eerie ethereal voices and sinister cavernous laments, creating a unique hypnotic ritualistic flow oozed with sadness and desolation, falling relentlessly into a deep blackened well of uncomfortable and dense darkness.
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