WL//WH Track Of The Day : PASS/AGES “When the Sky Ignites”

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Florida based synth-driven darkwave duo Pass/Ages, made up of Jonn Gauntletier (vocals, guitar, synthesizer, sampler/drum machine, bass VI) and Caitlin Grimalkin (synthesizer, vocals), are finally going to release, after a long labor of refinement with demos over Soundcloud and Bandcamp, the debut album titled “Taken Underneath”, due out on January 11, 2019, cassette and digital, via Californian tape label Katuktu Collective.

In anticipation they’ve just dropped the new single “When the Sky Ignites” engulfed by horror-esque bleak, strikingly icy, penetrating synths justapoxed with bursts of rapid stuttering sonic stabs, piercing through hollow metronomic beats, interspersed with chattery menacing claps, and foreboding resounding bass line to create a pervasive, subdued and haunted, profound sense of tension and danger. Deeply detached female vocals, with hints of underlying disappointment, intensify the feeling of anger and frustration, emphasized by a whispered shadow voice, in an increasingly doomful chant where synths unrelentingly weep throughout, the bass hypnotize, the beats clash in an excruciating cry of pain and defiance toward the numbing emptiness of today’s consumerist and decadent capitalist society.

Icy cold darkwave for our dystopic cold times.

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