WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

William Mortensen- death of hypatia (1930’s)

  • French synth-pop / new wave duo VESTALE VESTALE & RAY BORNEO – “Les garçons d’école de commerce” from the debut album “Pour Adultes et Adolescents” out now on Petrol Chips                                                  
  • Copenhagen, Denmark dance-punk / experimental post-punk 5-piece DEADPAN “Fool Moon” title track of the new EP “Fool Moon” out on December 7th via Third Coming Records.                                                          
  • Colombian synth electro / darkwave project Abstract Deity “Mind Call”                                                               
  • Danish five-piece dark post- punk group from Copenhagen, Melting Walkmen – ”Benign”                             
  • French dark synth / coldwave collaboration BLIND DELON & BLACK EGG “Nature (Years of Denial Remix)” from the upcoming cassette EP “Dancefloor Dummies” on She Lost Kontrol                                                     
  • Croatian/German coldwave / newwave / minimalwave / synthpop collaboration Iv​/​An & FOKKER “Terminus” from V/A “Intersection” EP on TONN RECORDINGS                                                                          
  • Austin, TX electronic synthpop project of Forrest LeMaire, Mr. Kitty “Trama”                                                     
  • Leon, Mexican shoegaze / post-punk outfit Inhabitants “Last Notes” from the new EP “Sculpture”               
  • Richmond, Virginia goth post-punk 4-piece UNMAKER “Through The Firmament” from the debut album “Firmament” on Seeing Red Records                               
  • Spanish darkwave / shoegaze / post punk 4-piece CONSEJO ”*****” from 2-track single “Primera parte”       
  • Chicago‘s ‘post wave’ dark synth electronic trio, CANTER “Crackdown” from V/A “Why Kill Time (When You Can Cover Cabaret Voltaire)” on Metropolis Records                                                                                         
  • US Darkwave / Goth Rock / Post-Punk act EDO “In The Night” from the cassette album “Without Emotions” on Night of the Palemoon                               
  • Moscow, Russia electronic/cold wave/new wave one-man-band of vocalist from In a Lonely Place, Пожар aka Pohzar “Первая жизнь/First life” title track of the debut cassette album on Perfect Aesthetics                
  • Moscow, Russia electronic/cold wave/new wave one-man-band of vocalist from In a Lonely Place, Пожар aka Pohzar “Не верю/I don’t believe it”                                                                                                               
  • Moscow-based synthpop / minimal synth / post-punk project by Ukraine‘s Il Mio Campo, Штадт “Дай мені спокій/Leave me alone” from the 3-track EP “Четвёртый/Fourth” on IONOFF MUSIC                                       
  • Bogotà, Colombia kraut / darkwave / shoegaze / Post-Punk 4-piece AZAR PARALELO “Refugio” from the new 8-track EP “Lucero Underground” on Anesthetize Records                                                                                   
  • Slovakia/Germany electronic / darkwave duo of Peter Chudík (aka AnAstromo) and Miriam Christina aka (Theothersideofwho?), 580 MILES “The First” new single                                                                                     
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave / post-punk 3-piece телеэкран [Teleekran] ‘Лучшее/the best’ from ‘Помутнение’ EP on Raw Pop Syndicate
  • Bogotá, Colombia darkwave / minimal wave project Climas Interiores “Memorias” from the debut EP “Grabaciones”                                                                                                                                                           
  • Canadian electronic / darkwave / post-punk duo from Vancouver, MALLSEX “Granular” from debut album “Discreet Services” out now                                                                                      
  • Australian darkwave / coldwave project of Marc Dwyer based in Sydney, Buzz Kull “Avoiding The Light” from the forthcoming album “New Kind Of Cross” on AVANT! Records                                                             
  • Alice Springs, Australia experimental darkwave / synthwave duo SWALLET “Awkward romance” from debut EP “Distained”                                                                                
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina doomgaze / post-punk duo ROSALUX “Los Zumbidos”                                               
  • Berlin-based music project of Serbian acts Cult Club and Sixth June‘s Laszlo Antal, DIESEIN “Without You” from the debut album “Songs About Sally”
  • Shoegaze / coldwave trio from Belgium, White Coal Addiction “Tryptical Soul” from the EP “Truth”               
  • Wien, Austria art punk / post punk foursome (members from Black Fox Tropical, Crystal Soda Cream, Just Friends And Lovers, Wounds of Castrated Dicks), LADY LYNCH “Noon” from the s/t album on Cut Surface         
  • Vladimir, Russia post-punk / synth-pop project of Alexey Kandrushin, aka MULTIDARK “Город самоубийц/Suicide city”                                                                                                                                       
  • Mexican post-punk / coldwave outfit Procesamiento Digital de Señales “Asilo” off of InClub Records‘ V/A “Cuerdas Ancestrales” vinyl compilation, included 13 acts from the current Post punk, Coldwave, Goth & Darkgaze Latinoamerican scene                                                                                                                               
  • Grenoble, France cold synth-pop duo POUPARD “Les garçons tristes” title track of the cassette album “Vésanie” on Distag Records                                                                                                                                  
  • Mexican minimal synth wave project of Rogelio Serrano, EQUINOXIUS “Llanuras Migratorias” from the upcoming album “Extraños Accesos” out December 13, 2018                                                                             
  • Greek/Danish dark synth electronic duo of Greek artist Rena Rasouli and Copenhagen‘s In Atlas, VENUS VOLCANISM & IN ATLAS [V.V.I.A ] “Psychopath” from the “Meta Moto II” cassette compilation on Lithuanian record label Meta Moto                                                                                                                         
  • Auckland, New Zealand noise-rock / shoegaze / post-punk trio Swallow The Rat ”Shifting Sand” from new s/t 3-track EP                                                                                             
  • Austin, TX synth / new wave / post-punk band Love Hate Affair “Lighthouse” title track of the new 3-track EP 
  • Athens, GA deathrock / post-punk 3-piece originally formed in 2003, Tears for the Dying “Shadows” from the CD/cassette album “Χάρων/Charon”
  • Saint Petersburg/Kazan lo-fi / synthwave / synth-pop one girl band Stereopolina [СТЕРЕОПОЛИНА] “Про дурочку/About fool” from the new EP ‘Яд’
  • Legendary Finnish post-punk/gothic rock band Musta Paraati “The Leader” from the upcoming third new album, after 34 years hiatus, “Black Parade”                                                                                                             
  • Philadelphia-based dark electronic/synthwave/coldwave project of Shari Vari, Void Vision :: “Body Says” from Flesh Prison Records debut compilation “Flesh Prison I”                                                                       
  • Denton, TX electronic / new wave / doom disco / funeral pop trio FELT & FUR “Pulling a Thread” from the forthcoming sophomore album “Held” via Triptych Records                                                                                  
  • Scottish darkwave / post-punk / neo romantic pop duo The Ninth Wave “A Wave Goodbye to the People Who Said I’d Win” from upcoming EP “Flesch” out on November 9th, 2018, through  Distiller Records               
  • Swedish gothic rock solo project from Halmstad, Boy In The Shadows “Haunted”                                             
  • Berlin based experimental / dark ambient / drone / shoegaze / post-punk new project of Anna Nin (aka None), aka Glaring “Creatures” first track from the debut album ”Dark Vale”                                                       
  • Paris‘ dreamy synthpop project of Matthieu Roche, FRAGRANCE. • ‘Endless Cold’ new single on Synth Religion                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Chicago‘s art rock / post-punk four-piece Ganser “Pastel” new single on No Trend Records                              
  • Victoria, British Columbia dark ambient folk singer/songwriter ELURA “Past Ghosts (Fornicata Remix)” from “Past Ghosts” album                                                                                                                                         
  • Russian synthwave/outrun/electro project SPACEINVADER “Decay” from the new EP “My Little Death”             
  • Prague, Czech Republic based indie / synth-pop trio The ENVLPS “Catwalk” new single                                     
  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany Ambient // Post-Punk // Dark Wave // Psychedelic duo, SUIR “Atonement” from new second album “Soma” out now on Black Verb Records (DE) and Manic Depression Records (F)               
  • New York dreamgoth / dreampunk / post-punk trio BLOOD BLUSH “Hollow” from upcoming cassette EP “Trust” out now on Icy Cold Records                                                                                                                       
  • Belgian dark post punk band from Brussels, Whispering Sons “Alone” from the new album “Image”               
  • Norman, Oklahoma post-punk 4-piece THE LOST END “Another Day” from the new minialbum “Without Being Anything”                                                                                                                                                         
  • Brooklyn, NY indie / post-punk trio BIG BLISS “Richard Race” new single from the album “At Middle Distance” out now on Exit Stencil Recordings

William Mortensen – tantric sorcerer (1935’s)

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