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The minimal-synth project, started in early 2017, of Erick Arevalo, the vocalist of Mexican shoegazers Psychic Hearts, under his moniker El ojo y la Navaja, inspired from “Un chien andaluz” directed by Luis Buñuel, has just released his debut 6-track EP “Anarquía Coronada” via the Berlin based DIY tape label Squall Recordings.

Combining minimalistic instrumentation of analog synthesizers and drum-machines with thoughful lyrics and visuals about literature, cinema and phylosophy to create subtle bleak and gloomy synth sound, influenced by the minimal wave and post-punk of the 80’s, rich with both dark energy and intensity.

Since the start the throbs of strong bass tones rumble underneath driven by frenetic drum machine patterns awashed by icey dramatic yet melodic synth swells. While haunted and spectral vocals intertwine forming a cold and somber symphony of beats and vibrations that pulse through your body.

Being a student of philosophy and movie freak probably lent a hand in the uniqueness of the material from which this song is about. The song “Zoroastro” considers the final days of the well known philosopher Fredrich Nietzsche. It is rumored that F. Nietzsche witnessed a horse being abused by it’s caretaker. With blind fury he runs to the horse to stop any further abuse. He loses touch with reality after the incident and dies two days later. The compelling video, comprised of scenes from the 2011 film “The Horse of Turin”, directed by Hungarian film director Béla Tarr, tells the tale of the infamous horse Nietzsche saved. The dark and dreary cinematic combined with the fast rhythms of the synth-laden song gives us an atmosphere of dread and apprehension you will not forget. 

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