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The minimal wave/synth and beyond genre, influenced by the minimal electronics and cold synth music of the late 70′s and early 80′s, can easily lead into boredom and monotony. Fortunately the recent excellent albums from Equinoxious and Mitra Mitra are proving the opposite, and now it’s the turn of Baltimore, Maryland based, analogue minimal electronics veteran Jason Sloan, under his minimal wave moniker L’Avenir, to announce the forthcoming new album “New Horizon” via Barcelona‘s Cold Beats Records.

The title track, a song about love, loss and how to deal with it, is as sharp and restrained as elegant and immersive. A persistent gloomy menacing synth bass hums underlie the driven neat handclap-heavy synthetic beats along metronomic rhythm patterns, while the emotionally distraught vocals, interspersed by icy and gloomy synth melodies, depict a deep sense of sadness and regret up to his final little vengance.

The imaginative and captivating analog synth artistry of Mr. Jason Sloan gives us a lesson in how to craft minimal poignant and refined songs that work on a deeply emotional level in beautiful contrast to the cold precision of the machines.

Check out the DIY video made of a beautifully haunting blurred, shadowy cinematography creating an atmosphere of sadness, death, and new beginnings / ‘new horizon’.

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