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Just yesterday protestors have gathered in Tbilisi against armed police raids of the infamous techno club Bassiani, also record label, podcast and cultural centre, once more further evidence that, in its most flagrant forms or slithering ones, West or East, democratics or conservatives, a sort of ‘globalized’ fascism, is increasingly everywhere nowadays.

Gate is the main moniker of Tbilisi based Giorgi Sirabidze, he also released some tracks under the alias She Locked, but he’s currently previewing some tracks from the forthcoming Gate debut album.

“Ojakhuri / Domestic” is an immersive  minimalist icey synth laden number combined with repetitive stark drum machine, strong menacind bass and Giorgi distinctive echoing vocals, everything draped in thick, claustrophobic cold haze of reverb and echo, shaping an alienating and mesmerizing pace, with hints of Suicide intensity, Neu!-esque Kraut repetition and NDW weirdness along ethnic undertones, where the listener can’t help being dragged into a trance-like state.

Check out the perfectly synchronized visuals with music in a hypnotic ethnic dance.

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