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It’s incredible and amazing how some bands and sounds from the past affected, and still are deeply affecting, the younger generations after 3 decades.

Few days ago I was talking with a friend of mine about the legacy of the golden age of the 4AD and beyond, how a , now rated, influential masterpiece like A.R. Kane ’69’ was too often in the cut-out record bin and the same post-‘Head Over Heels’ Cocteau Twins slammed as boring, repetitive and too mellow by most.

Comes to mind the tidal wave of criticism against The Cure‘s “Disintegration”, now considered one of their best.

It should be possible and have the time to comb through the old music magazine of the 80’s reading the reviews, I bet it would be fun and surprising.

Los Angeles born, now relocated to Seattle, multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Rhyan Riesgo, aka TODAVIA is a brilliant example of someone who has absorbed, refined and developed in her little room that heritage as the breeding ground for crafting something intense, moving and highly immersive of her own, as she fully showed in last year album “Shyness”.

“Sin Iris” is sublime emotion conveyed in music, an awash of stellar as well dreamy multilayered melodies laden with lush keys, burning shimmering guitar strings and minimal beats, brightened by the enticing and breathy vocals that give the song seductive edge creating blissful trance-inducing ethereal soundscapes, satured of echoes and reverb with undercurrent of anxiety and angst.

A hit of sheer magic that causes wonder and melancholy at the same time.

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