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The music of Floating Room need time and attention to be fully absorbed and enjoyed, made up of lots of little details, sometime stark and disturbing, often hidden beyond the surface, I wasn’t immediately hooked last day the first time I listened to it, but at the same time I was intrigued and felt the need to slow down and dwell on it.

“Seashell” is never fully exposed to the sun’s rays, but as their self-definition of “gray pop” aptly suggests, ebbs and flows under dazed and claustrophobic waves of blurry-coloured vibrations and emotions engulfed in a shadowy and hypnotic soundscape gets lost in awash of layers of distorted reverbed guitars, that while sometime, powered by strident droning synths and effects, seem to threaten and drown the hushed faded vocals, echoing the reality where all seems to collide and fall down together, other times intertwine soothingly toward it, up to burst in the fuzzy warmth ending, putting all the pieces together in an otherworldy dreamlike state of aching beauty.
Spellbinding, emotional and intense will make you swoon with delight.

Portland’s Floating Room is a band fronted by Maya Stoner, who writes both the music and the lyrics, along her partner Kyle Bates (check out his own main project Drowse, which Maya just plays in) with the support of bassist Alec Van Staveren and Alien Boy’s drummer Sonia Weber,  the upcoming new sophomore album “False Baptism” is due to be out on June 22 via Good Cheer Records.

The video, Maya says “features views from the tour van window, both conjuring the act of daydreaming and documenting the result of having done so– being in a much better place, starting this band and going on tours for the first time in my life”.

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