WL//WH Track Of The Day : IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN ‘Delirium’

Track Of The Day

In The Shadow Of The Sun is the title of a 1981 film directed by the British director Derek Jarman with the original music soundtrack written by Throbbing Gristle, I don’t know if it has anything to do with this duo, comprised of Mike and Amanda Fiction, from Circleville, Ohio.
It’s very likely, but most importantly, even if a month late, is that their remarkable 2-track debut single ‘Saturnine / Pennies, Roses and Sorrows’ needs to be highlighted.

‘Saturnine’ introduced by beautifully gloomy guitar leads soon melt together with a slow-pace tribal drumming in support of the imposing echoing vocals as much witchy and disturbing, as it is hypnotic and sensual, worthy of the best Siouxsie,  the oblique and penetrating razor-like guitar chords provide further layers of subtle unnerving tension, creating a sepulchral , visceral and gothic atmosphere permeated with occult mysticism, that will seep into your soul.

Check out also the not less bewitching and seductive Pennies, Roses and Sorrows’ of a promising and pretty impressive debut. 

In a very short time I was unable to find more infos about the band, but as usual the music speaks for itself.


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