WL//WH Video Of The Day : DEADLY OAK “Spell My Soul”

Video Of The Day

Deadly Oak is one of the several monikers of the Madrid-based Spanish sound designer Sycantrhope, the little brother of his homonymous main musical project, blurring the lines between witch-house, darkwave, dark ambient, industrial and deep electronic.

“Spell My Soul”, one of the track from his new third album “Existential Crisis (Red Lust​-​Phobia)”, develops over an immersive and hypnotizing synth flood, interspexed with blurry beats on the background and sparse voices, black as the night, deep as the ocean, resonates and vibrating in the air, transmitting a deep sense of sadness infused with melancholy, an intense and  highly emotional introspection into everyone’s weak and troubled soul.

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