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WL//WH Track Of The Day : THE DETOX TWINS “In the Hospital Garden”

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Still dazzled by by the sublime synth sounds from the new Mode in Gliany album, here is a surprising news to gives me the final strike.

Neukölln, Berlin-based dark synth duo of ‘nihilist-existentialists’ Mark Vorderhaus and Devi von Teufel under The Detox Twin moniker are back, after a string of amazing singles and a brilliant Vorderhaus solo album, with the preview of the upcoming, again highly ultra limited, double A-side 7inch single “In The Hospital Garden / Transformation” for the ever inspiring UK label Polytechnic Youth.

“In The Hospital Garden” is another compelling and clear example of the band’s distinctive and fresh take on the darker edge of synth-pop, based on pulsating beats, icy hypnotic synth loops and detached spoken word vocals about ‘the wonderful freedom of losing oneself into an irreversible manipulated insanity’, crafting another minimal and addictive obscure dancefloor-burner.

The Detox Twins deliver once again gem of modern authenticity for all the synthetic sounds lovers.

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