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Videodrome by David Cronenberg (1983)

James Woods (Videodrome 1983)

French experimental / ambient / drone duo based in Toulouse, Saåad “22:22 (esveil)” from the forthcoming album “Présence Absente” out April 13, 2018 on Hands In The Dark.

Los Angeles based analogue electronic music producer Henda Harte aka PRINCIPLEASURE “Sylmar” from the new third ‘III’ EP out now.

Danish experimental electronic project of former Lower guitarist and Age Coin Simon Formann, aka Yen Towers ‘M4P’ from the new “First on Comedown” EP on Posh Isolation.

Irish new wave / synthpop producer John Daly, aka Night Christ“Conversation Policy feat. Jack Considine” title track of the upcoming EP on All City Records.

Swedish ambient electronic techno project of D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. [Dard Å Ranj Från Det Hebbershålska Samfundet ] member Michel Isorinne aka ISORINNE“Weightless Breath” from upcoming V/A “Unwitch – the first session” via Leyla Records.

Italian 60s/70s pop icon Lucio Battisti“La Canzone Della Terra (Spazio Palazzo Edit)”.

Amsterdam based synth electronic collective SINCHI MUSIC“Hyperborea (Roliva remix)” from forthcoming “Kappa Cygnids” EP on Night Noise.

Lyon, French ambient / breakbeat / techno producer Côme Arthur aka SIRE“We Won’t Be Fine” from V/A “CVR XII” compilation out March 8 on Controlled Violence.

Toronto‘s ambient industrial drone electronic Dj/ Music Producer/ Founder and Host of Riots In Brixton, Vito Lucente“The Sorrows Of Young Werther I” from upcoming cassette “Sturm und Drag” via Holy Geometry.

Mysterious industrial / dark techno producer DiNT“Shovel (Ontal Remix)” from upcoming “Hooker” EP on Horo.

New York ‘s industrial / electronic / witch house duo of Bryan Kurkimilis & Kendra Malia, aka WHITE RING“Burn It Down” (Rocket Girl 2018)

Italian ambient / electronic / techno DJ, producer from Rome, Giorgio Gigli “Looking Through My Memory” from the split EP “Decennium 1.3” final part of a 12″ series celebrating Affin label’s 10th anniversary.

Dutch industrial / dark electro wave artist Sophie Hütten aka “Vrouwe Fataal”, aka Sophie du Palais “Disco Nihilist”.

German electronic / acid / electro producer from Berlin, VERTICAL67 “No Clear Picture” from the forthcoming “Friction” EP out end of March on Mechatronica Digital.

Paris-based Industrial / Noise / EBM / Electronic producer (one half of Sexual Desire), USELESS POSITION “Exhaling Spores (NRTHRNNS Remix)” from the upcoming album “Trouble Game” out now on Larmes. 

Greek raw industrial dark electronic techno producer DJ LOSERΑΠΟΧΑΥΝΩΜΕΝΗ ΝΙΩΤΗ’.

Turkish lo-fi folk, ambient and electronica female artist (one half of Proudpilot) from Istanbul, Ekin Üzeltüzenci aka Ekin Fil “A Veil”.

Saint Petersburg‘s lo-fi experimental electronic side project of the duo Sobranie 8 18, SOBRANIE 9 19 ‘Танцы под Луной’

French industrial / noise / proto-techno duo (part of the collective Around Function), Haydée ‘No Gouvernance’ from V/A ‘The Black Wig Throw Off’ EP via Glagow’s Contort Yourself.

 UK electronic producer James Welsh “Thread (FC Kahuna remix) from the EP “Thread(remixes)” on Phantasy Sound.

Japanese industrial techno producer TOMOHIKO SAGAE“Scream In Pain” from the forthcoming album “Sensory Deprivation” out April 28, 2017 on HANDS.
Montreal, Canadian industrial / dark electronic / noise duo of Brett Wagg (aka Enterteinment) and Yailen Munoz (Ensorcelor), JESUVE “Orchis I” upcoming sophomore cassette on Total Black.

Berlin-based Chinese electronic producer RUI HO “Theia Impact” from upcoming ”Becoming Is An Eventful Situation” EP on Objects Limited label. 

Portland‘s ritualistic, apocalyptic doom deathrock noisemakers ATRIARCH “Devolver (Coarse Remix)” from forthcoming “We Are All Dead Remix” (2018)

European electronic / drone / ambient sound artist (aka Magdalene Flowers), Alex Bober “Nesteda”.
Dutch electronic producer Roel Dijcks aka Ekman | ‘Cusp’ from the new EP “Tangent” out now on Bedouin Records.
Dublin, Ireland electronic producer Lakker’s Dara Smith, aka Arad “Baked Arms” from upcoming EP “The Glimpse” on Bedouin Records.

Melbourne ‘s industrial / dark electronic duo of Joshua Wells (Nerve, Correct Line, Priors) & Dave Coen (Sow Discord, Seeping, Hans Harms, Whitehorse, DIM), aka Hemlock Ladder “Exactly the Right Amount of Violence” upcoming on Resistance / Restraint.

Budapest, Hungarian dark acid deep electronic producer Imre Kiss “Love” from the upcoming EP “Strangers” on Mörk.

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