WL//WH Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Weekly Tips

Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Weekly Tips

Brewster, NY electronic synthpop / new wave solo project, BACHELOR “Mourning In America” new single

Mexico City‘s synthpop / minimal synth sci-fi project by Antonio aka Interstellar Stories“If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister?”.

Nantes, France coldwave / synthwave act PRINZESSIN“New Day” on ONNI

Norwegian alt punk trio from Oslo, DARK TIMES“Doom And Gloom” new single

French post-punk band from Bordeaux, LOBBY“Collapse” from 3-track demo.

Detroit‘s new wave/darkwave band HERALD THE DEAD“Tell All Your Secrets (Demo?)” from forthcoming mini-album “Catacombs”.

Melbourne, Australia shoegaze / post punk duo TORTURES “Bloom” new single 

North Carolina‘s noise / synth / post-punk duo, ISS “C.H.U.D.F.R.E.A.K. SWAP MEET” from self-titled 4-track EP on Sorry State Records.

Detroit‘s grunge / post-punk trio lead by Fur’s drummer Zach Pliska, VAZUMFear’ from the self-titled debut album out now.

Italian psychedelic / kraut / new wave trio from Rome, A Silent Noise“The Vagabond” from forthcoming “Mirror” album 

UK post punk / darkwave splinter project by Klaus Devore from Nottingham, CLAUSTRAPHOBIA“Trauma” (instrumental demo)

Houston, TX industrial / psychedelic / krautrock / noir-synth outfit SECRET SANDS“Dolores Major” from the self-titled album 

French minimal synth / cold wave / experimental project by Boris VölT from Rennes, MODE in GliANY“Complexe autour de la chambre d’Ovide”

Wien‘s gothic post punk band WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW“Detractors” from the upcoming ninth album “The Urgency Of Now” on Solar Lodge


Moncton, New Brunswick dark post-punk 4-piece CHILLER “Monophonic” from the album “S/T or Hand of an Avaricious and Thoughtless Man” on Dirt Cult Records

German experimental pop duo of conceptual artists Sophie Polheim and Henrik Rohde from Leipzig, Lovely Heroin “Reach Asking Arms” from upcoming cassette “Forever Happy” on Black Verb Records.


Italian dark synthpop duo AFTERIMAGE 23“Lucid Dream” (new mix 2018)

French garage / post-punk / coldwave quartet LA SECTE DU FUTUR“Reset All Memories” from forthcoming third album “Wounded Princes” out March 23 on Third Coming Records .

Swedish synthpop/electro trio, BLUNDA “Blister (KR-55 Mix)” [Originally 2004]
Melbourne, Australian electronic / dark pop / synth-pop project of Sara Retallick, aka GOLDEN SYRUP “Take Care” from upcoming self-titled album on Nice Music.
Scottish post rock-shoegaze-gothtronica duo MIDAS FALL“Evaporate” title track of the forthcoming fourth album “The Menagerie Inside” on Monotreme Records.

Croatian synth electronic musician (previously Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II, Split Personalities) from Zagreb, Iv/An“Analogija izdaha/The analogy of exhale” from the forthcoming, sporadic 7″ single edition.

Norman, Oklahoma post punk 4-piece THE LOST END“The Stop Next” from the self-titled album out now


Synth Post Punk trio from Colombia, Das Kelzer“Lass Gehen” on Nevel Records

Russian electronic / darkwave / raw synth duo CONTEMPLATIV“Ancestor”
German darkwave / coldwave / post-punk / synthpop project Krotkaya “I Turned Away” debut single.
Copenhagen based Danish dreamy dark synth electronic trio SILENT RIDERS“Shadows (Studio Jam Edit)” from the forthcoming remixes EP “I See You Remixes” on Music For Dreams.
California‘s darkwave / goth post-punk duo LAST KNIFE“Reel Of Lies” 

Russian shoegaze / post-punk side project of Samara‘s one man band Lifeless, NMDA ‘Игра/Game’

Mexican synth electronic goth darkwave solo project from Mexico City, RITUALZ”To Black” from the upcoming debut album“Doom” 
French cold wave / postpunk trio NO FILTER “Midnight Fury” from the cassette EP “An Otherside” via Squall Recordings.

Harrisburg, PN post-punk / synth-punk outfit DELETIONS“Germ Hyster” from the new cassette album “Archives”.

Bulgarian Darkwave/Post-Punk/Electronic project from Sofia, FLD [Flood] “Chaos Theory”.

Bosnian synth / post punk / darkwave outfit from Sarajevo, Seeds Of Grace”As We Slowly Disappear” from upcoming cassette on Death Shadow

Russian lo-fi / darkwave / post punk band from Krasnodar, Социальная Фобия [Social Phobia] “Why Do We Suffer?” new 2-track single 
London-based analog electronic synthpop project of Franco-Canadian NTS Radio host/DJ and former Battant singer Chloé Raunet aka C.A.R. [Choosing Acronyms Randomly] ”Swaggart” from her new LP “Pinned” on Ransom Note Records
Spanish dark synth electronic wave solo project OSCURIDAD ROMÁNTICO “Alone”
Venezeluan post punk / darkwave project from Caracas, RECIPE MORADO “Final”

Juiz De Fora, Brazil deathrock / post-punk / dark punk 4-piece Poetisa Dissecada“Ossuários da Alma” from the album “Morte Absoluta” out now.

LeMans, France dreampop / post-punk 4-piece Blue Mountain Expansion “Past Failures” from the new album “Lively, Restless”.
Houston, TX dark electronic / post punk / coldwave solo project of Andrew FreemanClosing Cell “Tower of Strength” .
Swedish minimal/synth act (also Krakow and Monument) from Stockholm, Ståltråd “Titta Bort” [demo 2018]
French batcave / coldwave / post punk duo Bluebeard’s Castle [BBC] “Died Of The Shock” 

Athens,Greece electronic / psychedelic / post-punk band BOXES OF BLOW“The Longest Lost Hope” 

Rostov-On-Don-based Ukrainian electronic synthpop / dreampop artist Dmitry Gruber aka Hjördis-Britt Åström aka Galatée“Je N’aurai Jamais Assez ft. Kathleen Greenglass” from the new EP “Sans Tritre”.

Philadelphia post-punk / new wave / synthpop band THE GUESTS“Watching The War” from the new album “Popular Music”
Berlin-based German experimental / post-punk / coldwave / darkwave female solo project, NONE “Cimex” from the new EP “0013” 
Italian minimal cold wave project of Daniele Giustra, SELFISHADOWS ”Everybody Knows” from the album ‘Recalling’ on Unknown Pleasures Records

Perth, Australia darkwave / synthpop solo moniker of Greg from DTHWBBA/WhiteFawn, aka UIU “Cold and Sold” off the “Emotion Parallax” EP 

Moscow-based, experimental / psychedelic / post punk project from Ukraine, Il Mio Campo ‘веки, закрытые нами / veki, zakritie nami’ from the new album ‘пепельный оттенок войны / pepel`niy ottenok voyni’

UK darkwave / synthpop female solo project My Mystical Creature “The Fade” from the new album “My Kingdom Is Great”

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