WL//WH Track Of The Day : SHAD SHADOWS ‘Moon Bay’

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Just in the last few days Shad Shadows are back with a new single in advance to the release of a new 4-track cassette EP “Fix” on Bleib Moderne‘s Black Verb imprint and I couldn’t avoid to grab it for the track of the day.

London-based Italian duo of Luca Bandini (voice, synth, drum machines) and Alessandra Gismondi (synth, vocals) are firm favorites among the darkwave and post-punk aficionados with their main Schonwald moniker since 2009; Shad Shadows, instead, is their more recent experimental dark electronic side project that digs into their love for film soundtracks and industrial dance sound of the ’80s and ’90s.

Starting with mesmerizing percussions, ‘Moon Bay’ is haze and trippy, yet instantly danceable and sexy with a subtle groovy feeling, Luca’s deadpan voice floats over slinky and darkly synth soundscapes capturing a penetrating and haunted sensual sound.

Once again our favourite couple gave us an alluring and unsettling sketch of highly addictive sonic delight.

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